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Best Restaurants in Bellevue for Fun Dining

best restaurants in seattle

Whoever said you shouldn’t play with your food never visited our list of the best restaurants in Seattle for fun dining! Here are the 8 of the funnest and best restaurants to in Seattle that you have to try the next time you’re hungry.

Seattle can claim to be cool on so many counts. Whether you are local or a visitor, the funnest and best restaurants in Seattle have great food as well as a great experience.

It’s the birthplace of Jimi Hendrix, it has the oldest continuously operated farmer’s market in America.  And though it is often cloudy, people in Seattle buy more sunglasses than any other US city. That’s cool, isn’t it?

Read on for cool food, loads of fun and the best restaurants in Seattle.  Plus, a great experience to boot!

8 of the Best Restaurants in Seattle for Fun Dining

“One man’s meat is another man’s poison,” and when it comes to fun places to eat in Seattle, we are going to recommend some somewhat controversial options. Our recommendations are not to play safe or recommend the most expensive. Instead, there will be something for everybody on this menu of delights.

Read our comments, check reviews and decide if you agree with our idea of fun. Let’s get started. Read on and let the Seattle restaurant adventure begin.

1. The Pink Door

“Is this the place? There’s no sign. Just a pink door.”  Your dining partner may be skeptical but enter the pink door and enjoy one of the top dining experiences in Seattle. A fabulous view, great Italian and American style dishes and top notch service.

There is a pleasing aesthetic to the place so you’ll feel more comfortable if you dress up a little. Great for a romantic dinner or celebration.

Best to book a table and ask about the entertainment. Cabaret, trapeze or even burlesque may be on the menu too.  If you and your guests aren’t shy, book at table in the center of the restaurant!

2. The Crumpet Shop

Tea and Crumpets at Pike Place Market is a delicious treat. They make the crumpets in the store and after you’ve seen how it’s done taste one. They do other things too but don’t leave without having had crumpets.

As one of the funnest restaurants in Seattle, you would expect a creative range of toppings and you won’t be disappointed. There are sweet or savory toppings to suit all tastes.

Even people who’ve had English crumpets in England say they are authentic although the toppings might raise an eyebrow in the UK. Try maple butter and walnuts with cream cheese or egg, cheese, and Jalapeno peppers. They never had that in England.

3. Pike Place Chowder

Pike Place Market is the oldest continuously operated farmer’s market in America and so far our eateries have been in that location.

Don’t leave without eating fish. Why? Because Pike Place Market is world famous for throwing fish.

You will see huge fish, thrown and (usually caught) across the fish market to howls and cheers. There are many fish-eating opportunities so Pike Place Chowder has to be good to be so highly rated by diners. There are long lines but it’s worth the wait.

If you only visit once and you don’t know what to choose from the menu, the clue is in the name. Try the chowder.

4. Serious Pie

A list of the funnest restaurants in Seattle cannot ignore an eatery called “Serious” Pie. The pizza is seriously good and if you get there during “happy hour” you get a seriously good bargain too.

The tables are communal so not only do you get great food but perhaps some good company too. It’s fun to chat and compare pizza choices. Don’t go expecting safe cheese and tomato toppings.

5. Space Needle Sky City

Every visitor to Seattle has to visit the Space Needle but to get the full experience try booking a window seat at Space Needle Sky City. Romantic dinner or special occasion dining with a revolving view.

You expect to pay a premium for the location. With a reputation for quality, locally influenced food and special service, you should treat yourself. There is a planned refurbishment due for completion in Spring 2018 so check if they are open and book a table.

6. Collection Caf?

Lot’s of people collect things. Stamps, pins, shoes might be your collection theme. This place has taken collecting to a new level. Here, collecting is an art form.

Look under the glass of the table tops and find a collection of ceramic dogs, ancient cameras or glass bottles. The ceiling covered in flying accordions must be unique.

This might be a caf? but expect interesting salads, adventures in sandwich creativity and clams are on the menu too.

7. Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley

If Jazz and Blues is your thing then there is fun to be had at Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley. No seat is more than 50 feet from the stage. Dine here before the show starts and enjoy Mediterranean influences as well as seafood, steaks and salads.

There is no dance floor but they say they can’t stop you from shaking in your seats. People have been shaking in their seats here for almost four decades. Here at one of the funnest restaurants in Seattle, you might see an up and coming artist or a living legend on their stage.

8. Ray’s Boathouse and Caf?

The Boathouse has amazing food at the water’s edge and the Caf? has an amazing outdoor deck with views of Puget Sound and the Olympic mountains. Watch the sunset, eat fresh seafood and if you’re lucky watch eagles fishing.

Ray’s began as a dockside caf? with the original coffee house opening in 1945. They are a Seattle institution and when you dine there you share the experience with generations of Seattle locals. Appreciate the heritage, commitment to supporting the local fishermen and the iconic location.

Time to Reflect

Start with quality ingredients and you are more likely to end up with a delicious dish. Seattle is a fun place to be. The diversity of food influences, amazing locations and culture are the raw ingredients for great dining experiences.

Don’t listen to the reputation of Seattle people being cold. The Seattle freeze soon melts. The Seattle Seahawk fans are officially the loudest crowd at a football game so they have some extrovert traits.

Our hope our list of the best restaurants in Seattle provide you an interesting, even quirky Seattle experience. The list covers romance, nature, music, spectacle, and character. Add to this some amazing food and drink and you have a menu of delights ahead of you.

Be prepared to soak in the ambiance but also contribute to the fun. Help make your fellow diners and servers day.

To learn more about Seattle click here.

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