A 24 Hour Guide: Things To Do In Bend, Oregon

There are so many things to do in Bend, Oregon. Bend incredible skiing opportunities, gorgeous mountain scenery, and delicious craft beer. Retirees and Olympic Athletes choose to live in this destination city for a reason. In short, it’s a wonderful place for your next vacation.

But with so much to do, visiting for only twenty-four hours means your day is going to be action-packed.

Check out this list of things to do in Bend, Oregon that you can’t miss!

Where to Have Breakfast

Bend is an excellent town for homestyle dining. Before you head out for a day filled with activities, you need to start with a big breakfast.

Breakfast at McKay Cottage Restaurant

Take your family to McKay Cottage Restaurant. They are open every day from 7 AM to 2 PM and have held the title of the best place to have breakfast in Bend yearly, since 2010.

Sparrow Bakery

When they opened in 2006, the Sparrow Bakery hoped to become a pillar of the community. They provide incredible food that intoxicates visitors with delicious aromas.

Sparrow Bakery makes everything on their menu from scratch. Their food is amazing, but it’s the personal attention and outstanding customer service that will keep you coming back for more.

Morning Activites

When you get up in the morning, it’s time to start your day of action-packed adventure. Try going for a hike on Mt. Bachelor, or head on over to the Bend Whitewater Park.

Mt. Bachelor

In the winter, Mount Bachelor is a world-class ski destination. The mountain is loaded down with families visiting the Bend area.

In the summer, traffic on the mountain is a little more scarce making it a great place to take a remote hike. You’ll love the view from the top of the mountain.

Make sure you track your turns as you go! You wouldn’t be the first person to get lost on the expansive network of trails on this mountain.

Whitewater Park

The Bend Whitewater Park is one of the most exciting and unique things to do in the city. Head on over to the Deschutes River for a morning of fun in the water.

You’ll find a fun course of rapids perfect for tubing, surfing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, and more. The park features separate channels so that experts can practice their skills, and beginners can have a chance to try their luck.

Click to check out the webcam!

The Bend Whitewater Park is an excellent place to learn how to white water raft for the first time or brush up your skills if it’s been awhile.

Where to Have Lunch

Bend is widely known for its friendly people and incredible breweries. Read on to learn what you need to eat lunch to make the most of your twenty-four hours.

Deschutes Brewery

Deschutes Brewery is now a national brand of craft beer, but it started from humble beginnings in a small public house in 1988.

Today, this establishment hosts nineteen taps and a gastropub menu that focuses on sourcing sustainable food materials from local farmers and ranchers. Deschutes makes many of the items on the menu completely from scratch and the chefs take pride in their accomplishment.

When you visit the Deschutes Brewery, you are voting with your paycheck for sustainable farming methods and high-quality food. Don’t miss this opportunity to have an impact.

Afternoon Activities

After a morning of intensive activity, the afternoon should be a leisurely exploration of the town. Check out a minor league baseball game, head to the baths, or get inspired by local art.

Minor League Baseball

The Bend Elks is an 18-year-old minor league team that the city is extremely proud of. Most of the men on the team are local to the Bend area.

The best part about Elks games is their affordability. A regular ticket is only $7, and if you want a season pass, you only have to shell out $125.

Bathing with Strangers

After a day of skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, or snowshoeing, you’re bound to be sore and exhausted.

To get some relief, head to the McMenamins Old Saint Francis soaking pool. This mostly indoor water center is semi-enclosed and has shimmering turquoise tile that reminds you of an Egyptian bath.

As part of a converted Catholic school, the soaking pool features murals of Saint Francis on the walls with ornate detail.

McMenamins Old Saint Francis is also a brewery and pub that makes its own beer, cider, spirits, wine, and coffee. The destination also functions as a hotel, so if you have to much to drink it’s easy to check in to stay overnight

Tin Pan Alley Art Collection

Bend’s art scene is one of immersion and hands-on expression. As such, Bend has an extensive collection of public art that graces downtown. Linger awhile and appreciate the incredible art and culture this town has to offer with the Tin Pan Alley Art Collection.

This collection is a growing body of work that adorns the walls of parking garages and alleyways all over the downtown area.


Now that you’ve had a chance to explore the town, it’s time for a nice dinner. Why not check out Bos Taurus?

Bos Taurus

While much of the dining in Bend is casual, Bos Taurus offers you the opportunity for a meal at a posh steakhouse. While many restaurants in Bend focus on the sustainable sourcing of meat, this restaurant focuses on finding the highest quality cuts of meat from all over the globe.

In fact, the steak on the menu comes from specialty steak sources such as Japan, Chicago, Arizona, Colorado, and Australia.

Then, they cook the meat on a custom-cast iron slab designed to create the ultimate sear.

Late Night Dining and Drinking

Now that your belly is full, it’s time for more drinking! Check out these great ideas for spending a night on the town in Bend, Oregon.

Bend Ale Trail

Bend, Oregon has the highest concentration of breweries in the state. So how will you pioneer this trail? With a high-tech app, of course.

The Bend Ale Trail is a convenient app that allows you to collect passport stamps on your phone for over a dozen different pubs and tasting rooms. Make sure you bring a friend to help you get back to your lodgings.

Seven Restaurant and Nightclub

Seven Restaurant and Nightclub is a downtown spot that offers nightly specialty events including karaoke, pool, and open mic comedy.

This is a great spot that locals like to go to let loose and dance with DJs spinning the top club hits on the weekends. Make sure you reserve a table, they fill up fast!

More Things to do in Bend, Oregon

The Bend, Oregon downtown area is a great place to go for a good meal or a night on the town.

Twenty-four hours isn’t enough to see everything this city has to offer. Learn about more things to do in Bend, Oregon and visit today!

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