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Local Heroes

Local Heroes

Mosby Farms, Planting For The Future.

Mosby Farms

Since the first truck load of squash was delivered in 1977 by Burr at the age of 17, Mosby Farms, planting for the future!  “What makes us different is the same for all farms, each family farm story is unique to its own. Washington State’s population has grown 13% over the last 10 years but we’ve lost almost 5% of our farmers. Our communities can’t afford to lose access to local food when it’s in season. When we lose farmers,…

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Krainick Dairy Farm
Local Heroes

Always A Great Day At Krainick Dairy Farm!

For the past 22 years Leann and Mike Krainick along with their team of 28+ have been providing high quality, reasonably priced local food and dairy for over 22 years. Krainick Dairy farm was established in 1912, Mike is…