Everything You Need to Know to Enjoy Coffee Fest Portland

coffee fest Portland

There are so many reasons to visit Portland if you haven’t already. The food is incredible, the sights and outdoor activities are amazing, and the locals are friendly, down-to-earth people. Maybe you’re a long-time local yourself and you’re still discovering everything Portland has to offer, or maybe, you’ve never really thought about visiting.

Whether you live within the city limits or you’re flying in for a quick trip, be sure to check out Coffee Fest Portland if you can. This is an annual event that gathers thousands of business owners and retailers in the coffee industry.

Sorry avid coffee drinkers, you have to be associated with a coffee business to enjoy access to the entire coffee expo. But, certain events like the Coffee Art Competition are open to the public.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Portland Coffee Fest.

What Is Coffee Fest?

Coffee Fest isn’t just a Portland event, it’s a trade show that happens in 10 different locations across the country every year. Coffee Fest is the place to be if you’ve recently opened a coffee shop or you’re looking to take your small coffee business to the next level. It’s also open to those who have plans to open a coffee business but have not yet gone to market.

The show features an average of 300 booths and thousands of attendants. It’s a great place to learn more about coffee, interact with other coffee entrepreneurs, and discover ways to improve your business.

What’s so special about the Portland show, though?

Well, Portland is home to a thriving coffee scene. It’s where coffee enthusiasts from all walks of life come to enjoy a good cup of coffee (or two, or three) and learn from the established businesses in the area.

Plus, the local scene is very supportive of one another. New business owners in the coffee industry can expect encouragement and excitement – in addition to a healthy level of competition, of course.

What Can You Expect as an Attendee?

For attendants, Coffee Fest is like an intensive training and a trip to Disney tied into one. There is so much knowledge to learn and valuable professional connections to make, but also a lot of fun to be had, too.

Attendees can expect to be challenged, mentored, and inspired. It’s best to have a clear objective going into this coffee convention, though. Your objective could be:

  • to find a premium coffee roaster for your coffee shop
  • to discover delicious coffee-related foods
  • to improve your coffee-making skills
  • to connect with decorating/textile companies to design your coffee shop
  • to learn about how to get your coffee business off the ground

These are just a few reasons why people attend Coffee Fest Portland. Make sure you have a clear definition of what you’re hoping to get out of the day before you go.

Why Should You Be an Exhibitor at Coffee Fest Portland?

Maybe you’ve already been to Coffee Fest a few times in Portland or elsewhere. Maybe, you think it’s time to stop walking around and attending workshops all day and set up a booth instead.

Being an exhibitor at Coffee Fest is one of the best ways to expand your professional network and create authority in the industry. It gets you noticed.

Below are 3 more reasons why exhibiting is in your best interest.

1. To Discover Everything Coffee Can Do

It’s cool to have the best cold brew in town or a secret drink option on your menu that regulars love. But, you should always be thinking a few steps ahead. What’s the next product that you can role out to take your business to the next level?

If you have no idea, you need to set up a booth at Coffee Fest. This makes it easy to get the conversation going with other business owners and retailers. It brings people to you instead of you having to seak out important people in a large crowd.

Plus, you never know who’s going to stop by. Setting up a booth means you end up talking to everyone from coffee roasters and top-notch coffee artists to food vendors and leaders of some of the weekend’s workshops.

A booth jumpstarts the learning process at Coffee Fest, and it helps you show off everything you know about coffee, too.

2. To Give Your Staff an Incredible Learning Experience

Keep in mind that you’re not the only one who can learn a thing or two about coffee. Another great thing about being an exhibitor is that you get to bring some of your team with you. Bring your shop’s manager or the best coffee artists you have, or maybe, invite one of the more recent hires on your team to join you at the booth.

This gives your staff perspective. It shows them that being a barista is about more than making drinks for people and offering quality customer service. It opens their eyes to how much of a growing, profitable industry coffee is.

More so, Coffee Fest can teach your people the skills they need to excel. Bring your team along and encourage them to attend a food integration lab or a workshop. Tell them you’ll man the booth while they watch the coffee art competition or let them lead the booth themselves and gain some networking experience.

3. To WOW Current Customers and Reach New Ones

You don’t just get to bring your staff to Coffee Fest, you can invite some of your customers along, too. As an exhibitor, you get a 50% discount coupon to offer customers or you can choose to purchase their ticket yourself for $15. This is a great way to give back to the community that supports your business.

It also allows you to spread the reach of your business at the event. As your special guests walk around, they’re sure to bring you up and brag about you a bit.

Guests are also bound to run into other coffee enthusiasts who have yet to learn about your business. This gives new potential customers the direction they need to find your booth and get to know your brand – it’s a win-win for everyone!

More Portland Activities and Events

If you’re already dreaming about Coffee Fest Portland, get your tickets as soon they’re available the next time this event comes to town. If you’re planning to come to Portland just for that, book some extra time to discover everything else the city has to offer.

For a guide of what to do and where to go as a Portland tourist, click here.

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