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Where To Eat In Boise

You can’t go very far in Boise without stumbling upon a unique and delicious restaurant. From fun, trendy food trucks, to fine dining, to foreign cuisine, you will be sure to find something that you will enjoy and be coming back for more.

Boise Fry Co.

Where better to start than with a restaurant that shares the name of the city and features the vegetable that Idaho is famous for, potatoes! Unlike most burger restaurants where the fries are a compliment to the burger, Boise Fry Co. puts the fries on center stage. 

With 6 different kinds of potatoes to choose from, including purple potatoes, as well as 5 different styles of cut, you can mix and match to find your dream fry. It doesn’t stop there! No fry is complete without proper dipping sauce, and Boise Fry Co. didn’t skimp on this section of the menu either. Featuring sauces such as garlic aioli, spicy fry sauce, blueberry ketchup, chipotle, sweet mustard, marshmallow, and regular ketchup, you have plenty of options for what you’re going to dunk your fry into. Even though they say “Burgers On The Side” they still give you plenty of delicious options, such as a bison burger, turkey burger, and a beef/mushroom combination burger. 

Bittercreek Alehouse

If you’re looking for a place to have a beer and a delicious lunch or dinner you should try out Bittercreek Alehouse. Located on 8th St. nestled in amongst dozens of other great restaurants, Bittercreek still stands out and has been a favorite for locals for quite some time. They offer your typical pub fare but with a twist. They don’t just have fries, they have polenta fries, and you can turn your fries or polenta fries into poutine for just a bit more. You’ll probably have trouble deciding which entree to select with options such as inside-out grilled cheese, lamb burger, and a smoked trout salad. If you’re looking for high quality food and atmosphere that consistently delivers, look no further than Bittercreek.

Lemon Tree Co.

Sandwiches are their specialty, but they provide wonderful compliments of soup and salad that makes Lemon Tree Co. one of the best places for lunch in Boise. Unique options such as the PB & JJB (jam, jalapenos, and bacon), sausage and pear, and Massaman Curry Bahn Mi highlight the sandwich section, but there are plenty of other options if none of those are speaking to you. They offer a wide range of salad options but you’d be missing out if you didn’t get a cup of the creamy tomato-basil soup to dunk your sandwich in. Take a look at their sandwiches here to see what you could be having for lunch today!

Paddles Up Poke

Trying to find good, raw seafood in Idaho can be somewhat tricky, but Paddles Up Poke has absolutely nailed it. Unlike traditional sushi, a “Poke Bowl” is typically made up of rice, raw fish, and traditional sushi toppings like ginger, seaweed salad, and cucumber. Paddles Up has been voted “Best poke, best lunch, and best caterer” in Boise since 2017, not too shabby for opening their doors in 2016. They offer an extensive range of seafood, toppings, and sauces such as the “piranha sauce” to let you make your bowl your own. Not a seafood fan? They even offer chicken for those who prefer that option.

Kibrom’s Ethiopian & Eritrean Cuisine

Kibrom’s offers authentic Ethiopian dishes that are as fun to eat as they are delicious. 

Most dishes are served injera a spongy flatbread that is used to grab the meat and veggies that come with the meal. They have tons of combinations of ingredients, including beef, lamb, chicken, lentils, kale, potatoes, and cabbage, all simmered in their delicious sauces. 

Tango’s Empanadas

This Argentina treasure comes in an unassuming package. Located on the bench, you could easily miss Tango’s if you’re not looking out for it. As you could imagine from the name, Empanadas are the focal point of the menu. These delicious fried turnover come with a number of fillings, all of them delicious. They offer 22 savory empanadas, including beef, pork, chicken, fish, vegetarian, even mac and cheese. To match the savory empanadas they also have 22 dessert empanadas for those with a sweet tooth.


Alavita is an italian restaurant that does things the right way. Fresh, handmade pasta, locally sourced ingredients, and an attention to detail that makes every dish feel special. They offer some interesting dishes such as black ravioli and squid ink bucatini, but where Alavita really shines is the quality of their ingredients and the talent of their staff. It’s something you need to experience to truly understand, so give them a try!

Bombay Grill 

If you’re looking to fill up at lunch time, and possibly not go back to work, Bombay Grill is a wonderful place to check out. With a fairly priced lunch buffet, you can dig into all your favorite Indian dishes such as butter chicken, saag, curry, and tikka masala. Served with fresh, buttery-garlic naan that makes you never want to leave, Bombay Grill is truly one of the best places in Boise to visit. 

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