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A Guide To Buying Casual Shoes For Men

Are you in the market for a new pair of casual shoes, but aren’t sure where to start?

Whether you’re thinking about a comfy pair of loafers for everyday wear or a pair of oxfords for the right occasion, we’ve got you covered.

Read on below for a guide to buying casual shoes for men.

What is a Casual Shoe?

Casual shoes come in many different shapes, styles, and materials, but what classifies them as casual is their ability to be worn in a wide variety of situations.

While they are not entirely formal or suitable for an occasion such as a black tie event, they’re also not completely informal like a pair of flip flops would be.

Casual shoes fall somewhere in the middle and are meant to be both comfortable and functional to provide the support your feet need on a daily basis.

There are many different types of casual shoes for men to choose from.

Continue reading to learn more about the different types of casual shoes to figure out which one best fits your footwear needs.


When it comes to casual shoes for men, loafers are one of the first kinds of shoe that come to mind.

They don’t require laces and can be slipped on easily, making them a great pair of shoes for daily, relaxed wear.

Depending on their style and material, however, loafers can be worn for a number of functions including ones that are fancier.

A good rule to follow is if they’re made out of leather, they’re a great choice for more formal situations.

If they’re made out of suede or another material, they’re likely more suitable to slip on to wear during a regular day.


Of the different types of casual shoes for men, oxford shoes lean more towards the formal side.

However, they are appropriate for a wide range of occasions that call for casual dress as well depending on the kind of material they are made out of.

Oxfords are lace up shoes that conceal the lace eyelet tabs to leave the surface of the shoe looking clean-cut and professional.

A leather oxford shoe, for example, would be great to wear with a suit to dinner or a semi-formal gathering.

For a more casual situation, an oxford shoe made out of canvas or suede would be more appropriate.

The versatility of oxfords make them one of the most popular kinds of casual shoes available to men to wear and are a must-have for your closet and wardrobe.

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes, sometimes referred to as deck shoes, live up to their name and were created to be worn on boats to help prevent slipping and leaving shoe marks on a boat’s flooring.

Boat shoes are slip on shoes that can be worn without socks and are usually made out of leather or canvas. 

You can generally identify them by the lace holes located around the part of the shoe that surrounds your ankle.

One common feature of boat shoes is that they contain a rubber sole to make their “non-slip” quality possible. The soles of boat shoes come in a variety of colors allowing you to easily coordinate them with what you’re wearing.

While boat shoes are intended to be worn on a boat, they have also become a popular casual shoe for men to wear during the warmer months for outdoor events in the summertime.


Like boat shoes, moccasins are slip on shoes that can be worn in a number of casual situations and are a popular and practical choice for a lot of men.

They differ from boat shoes in the sense that they are commonly worn indoors around the house for slippers.

However, they can also be worn outdoors when the weather is on the colder side.

Moccasins of this sort are generally lined with some kind of fleece, fur, or other material that provides warmth and comfort to the person wearing them.

Sneakers and Trainers

When you think casual footwear, sneakers, and trainers are probably the kinds of shoes that come readily to mind.

Unlike the other casual shoes mentioned, sneakers and trainers fall almost solely on the casual end of the spectrum and are not appropriate for events that have any trace of formality.

They’re comfortable and provide great support for your feet due to their cushioning, but are intended for regular day-to-day wear or for someone who has an active and athletic lifestyle.

Sneakers and trainers are popular because they’re lightweight, perfect to kick around in, and are available in a number of designs and materials to help meet your own personal style.

How Do I Know Which Casual Shoe is for Me?

If you’re looking to buy a pair of casual shoes, ask yourself a few questions:

  • When do you intend to wear them?
  • Do you need them to fit casual situations but also semi-formal ones as well?
  • Is there a certain style or look you have in mind?
  • What season will you be wearing them in?

Answering these questions and using the information provided above as a starting point will help you decide on the best kind of casual shoe to fit your needs.

Remember: pair them for the right occasion, make sure they fit properly, take care of them, and make sure they’re comfortable so you can ensure that you always look and feel your best.

There are a lot of Choices When it Comes to Casual Shoes for Men

Some people might think the term “casual shoe” sounds limiting, but there is actually a variety of quality shoes suitable for different occasions that fall into this category.

Whether you’re looking to keep it super casual with a pair of trainers or balance on the line between casual and formal with a pair of sharp-looking oxfords, you’re bound to find the casual shoe that meets your needs and reflects your personality and style.

What is your preferred kind of casual shoe for men and why? Let us know in a comment below!

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