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How to Choose the Best Ocean Shores Lodging for Your Family

Judith Anne Inn Ocean Shores WA

Is your family planning a trip to the Ocean? Ocean Shores is known for its scenic views, family-friendly environment and opportunities to walk or drive along the coastal sands of the Pacific Ocean. Finding the right Ocean Shores lodging may seem difficult at first but it doesn’t have to be.

There are a number of lodging options available in Ocean Shores for all kinds of families. From camping at a State Park to enjoying the accommodations of a Bed & Breakfast or hotel. We hope these tips help you in your search!

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Finding the Right Amenities

Many customers believe pricing to be the main factor in choosing their accommodations for a trip. However, finding the amenities that best suit your family’s needs should be at the top of the list.

I many cases, the extra cost of the room may save you in the overall cost of the trip. Lodging that includes complimentary breakfast is a big one along with pools, outdoor activities or game rooms to entertain the kids for “free.”

Lodging that offers shuttle service, or is close to public transportation may be convenient if you’re planning trips to popular locations in the area. Not having to drive is one less headache for you and your family.

Look for the amenities that best accommodate your reason for visiting Ocean Shores.

Tent, Trailer, House or Hotel

There are a variety of options in Ocean shores, from sleeping in a tent near the sandy dunes, to enjoying breakfast in bed with a view of the ocean.

One of the best aspects of camping in Ocean Shores is your close proximity to the amenities of the city. Shopping and restaurants are just a short drive, walk or bike ride away. 

Often overlooked, are vacation rentals. Some families book the same rental home year after year. This allows your family the consistency of owning a beach house, without the year round costs. 

Hotels are a great option if you are focused more on the activities than the stay. Let the staff take care of your needs. Many hotels offer extra perks like free breakfast, access to a pool or workout area as well as specialty concierge service. Make sure to ask about any added perks! 

Consider a Bed & Breakfast!

Most bed and breakfast properties are viewed as cozy and comfortable, perfect for quick and fun family adventures. However make sure to check ahead if they allow children or pets. 

B&Bs, can offer the comfort of a down home atmosphere, with the convenience of big hotel service. Again the breakfast aspect is a huge selling point. Rather than eating granola bars and hotel coffee, you are often treated to an amazing home cooked meal.

A lot of your needs taken care of by the owners. They can help you make reservations for local events, and can offer first hand knowledge of the area.

Travel Tip: Curious about where to dine? Ask your host if they have any recommendations, or menus for restaurants in the area.

Bed and Breakfasts are often overlooked, meaning you could find great value on a weekend that seems to be booked solid. 

Customer Reviews are Important

Customer reviews have a major impact on the perception of a lodging property. A string of good or bad reviews can determine the growth or decline of the property’s reputation.

This being said, it’s important to use good judgement in determining if a review is truthful or not. 

Things you want to look for when going on review websites are a variety of comments about the cleanliness of the hotel, the staff’s helpfulness when dealing with a problem (whether they were helpful or not) and guest pictures of the property.

Most review sites allow guests to post their own pictures online. This can help you get a first hand account of the accommodations beyond the professional, management approved pictures.

If the hotel has pictures online of bugs, maintenance problems, etc. you may want to look at a different property altogether. Not everyone’s review can be taken with 100% truth but a picture can confirm the claims in a negative review.

If you see glowing reviews and constant praise for the staff and the quality of the amenities you have a property that could be a sure-fire home run.

Do your research and come up with a small list of properties your family would not mind staying at.

Last Minute Booking

You may see television commercials or online ads urging you to use third party booking sites. They often claim to have the best last minute deals when booking a room. While this can be true, it’s not always the case.

It’s advisable not to show up on a busy weekend looking for a room. Make sure to call ahead of time. There’s a good chance the property has a handful of rooms left to sell you may be able to bargain a better rate. 

Advanced Booking

If you don’t want to wait until the last minute, book your room in advance directly on the property’s website. Often this can result in better deals than you’d expect. 

Can you imagine saving $200 per night because you booked a room for a busy summer weekend ten months in advance? It can happen and it does happen all of the time.

Find the best pricing option on your trip and save yourself a chunk of money in the process.

Loyalty Rewards

Having membership in groups like AAA or AARP can be a great way to get discounts. Make sure to ask if the Hotel offers any such discounts. Also check with any organizations that you are a part of, to see if they have any special partnerships with hotel chains.

Most major chains such as Hilton or Marriott have taken an aggressive approach for guests booking directly with them. The extra incentive of a discount for loyalty members helps guests find the best deals.

Location, Location, Location…

Location is always a key component when traveling. It has the potential to make or break a trip. Maybe you want to be close to the action, or perhaps you want to be as isolated as possible! 

Some of the more popular things to do in Ocean Shores include Horseback riding, walking along the beaches, shopping the shops, going to the family fun centers and boating in the area lakes and canals. 

While the peninsula is only six miles long, the speed limit is restricted. Keep this in mind when booking a location. You may not want to book a spot near the North Jetty if your kids plan to be on go-carts and bumper boats for the whole trip. However if enjoying the peace and quiet of nature is high on your list, the North end of the Peninsula may be perfect for you and your family. 

There is such a variety of things to do in the Ocean Shores area. Staying at a location close to the things you want to do is important. 

How Would You Choose Your Ocean Shores Lodging Property?

So those are some of the best ways to choose an ocean shores lodging property for your next family trip.

Do you have any suggestions to offer for when you visit Ocean Shores? If so let us know in the comments below!

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