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Great Weird Spot to Visit in Spokane

Petunia and Loomis

Spokane is full of oddities. When you look at our history, you might be tempted to tell Austin or Portland to take a back seat to Spokane’s own style of weird.

Historically, did you know that Manito Park had a zoo? Furthermore, the reason the zoo is gone is because a young girl had her arm bitten by a bear… no more zoo. Weird? Maybe the weirdest thing about it was that the family never pursued legal action against the City of Spokane. Now that’s really weird. 

As the Jeffrey Dahmer documentary on Netflix continues to trend, Spokane had its own monster to track and catch as well. Our own serial killer Robert Lee Yates. That sick S.O.B. had quite a body count (side note: I drove past his house multiple times before he got caught). Weird? Try this… a couple from California moved up here and bought his house to live in despite the police unearthing at least one body on the property. Californians moving to Spokane, maybe not so weird.

With all this weirdness, how can you find a little piece of strange to add to your home? In years past, a trip to a large city was in order. Now, a trip downtown is all it takes. Enter Petunia and Loomis.

Petunia and Loomis has a great balance of old and new. They have some great vintage glassware, books and spooky jewelry. Love patches and enamel pins? Me too. They are an exclusive carrier of items from Monsterologist. I love their stuff.

They also carry a great selection of “wet specimens” and taxidermy. The “wet” specimens are tough to find in normal stores so this little shop really is a great place to find that special item for the person that has almost everything.

Need a creepy doll or clown?

I mean who doesn’t, really? And with fair prices and a friendly general manager, this stop is a must-see destination. Sorry, only one of the babies is for sale.

And don’t try shoplifting… Jesse is a legit pro wrestler. I’ve seen him in action and his suplex is next level. I’ve not tried to haggle prices but seeing as Jesse’s alter ego can twist you into submission, I’d suggest no low balling. Keep it fair.

Petunia and Loomis is a great spot to visit and become a regular. It’ll satisfy your itch for that weird item that you didn’t know you needed. Even when spooky season is over, keep it weird and shop creepy! 

Petunia and Loomis: 421 W. Riverside Ave

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