Bellingham Fitness: Ways Get in Shape and Stay in Shape

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Bellingham fitness junkies will tell you that there’s no better way to kickstart your journey to better health than to start working out more. But, working out doesn’t necessarily have to mean you have to join a gym!

Bellingham offers many other ways to increase how active you are. If you’re new to the Bellingham area, it’s worth your while to check out all the local gyms as well as yoga studios, running trails, and other outdoor activities. This way, you can have a clear idea of what your Bellingham fitness lifestyle will look like.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about your Bellingham fitness options.

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All the Top Bellingham Fitness Options

Whether you’re new to Bellingham or just new to the fitness community, the perfect workout style for you is waiting in your backyard. All you have to do is find it!

Here are five things to consider doing to become more active.

1. Running and Hiking

Why run on a treadmill when you can enjoy the beauty of nature on some of Bellingham’s best trails? Maybe it’s good to use treadmills to build stamina and get comfortable with your stride. But every once in a while, you have to answer nature’s call.

Take the time to explore different trails around town. Find your favorite ones to run and a few to hike. This way, you have something for when you just want to run fast on flat (or semi-flat) land and a challenge when you’re in the mood to hike up high slopes.

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2. Rock Climbing

It’s one thing to hike up a mountain and a completely different experience to rock climb it. Thankfully, rock climbing is another thing you can train indoors for before you try climbing a real mountain. Indoor rock climbing gyms are popping up all over the country and Bellingham already has a few worth checking out.

This is like any other gym, but instead of weights and cardio machines, you walk into a building with high walls and different climbing paths. You can build your strength up from beginner levels to more advanced paths, either using ropes or by bouldering (free climbing without ropes).

3. River Rafting, Kayaking, and Paddle Boarding

There’s nothing like hitting the water when summer rolls around. Take advantage of the warm weather to go river rafting, kayaking, or paddle boarding whenever you can.

These activities do wonders for your upper body strength and your heart health. Plus, they’re really fun to do with friends and family.

4. Biking

Another way to build your level of fitness in Bellingham is to start biking. Commit to waking up early and going for long bikes around town and maybe even up in the mountains. There’s nothing like waking up before the rest of the town and watching the local area come to life.

Not to mention, you can head out and have your bike route complete before everyone else in your home wakes up for breakfast. This is one of the best fitness activities for early birds who want to do a low-impact workout with great results.

5. CrossFit and Weight Training

If you’re looking to dive head-first into traditional weight training and powerlifting, find a CrossFit gym. This is not your average workout environment. Crossfit is all about tuning into your power and doing so with a supportive community pushing you a little further every day.

The best gyms will take you in and show you how to do each movement in a safe manner. Then, they’ll start challenging you more and more until you’re stronger than you can ever believe. It’s pretty amazing to notice such growth as the process unfolds.

Of course, there are standard gyms all over Bellingham as well if that’s what you’re looking for. Take advantage of a few day passes at a handful of gyms before you commit to one. This allows you to get a feel for which place you like the most; it helps you find the right Bellingham fitness community for you in terms of weight training.

Why You Need to Be More Active

It’s one thing to read about all the opportunities you have to be active in Bellingham, and another to realize why this is important in the first place.

If you’ve struggled with fitness all your life, now is the time to finally get it right.

Here are 3 reasons why this is so important.

1. To Improve Your Health

The main reason to live a fit lifestyle is for your health. Working out has many benefits for the mind and body.

It helps improve heart health and regular bodily functions that include everything from eating right to sleeping well. These play into how much energy you feel throughout the day and how you handle your emotions, too.

2. To Transform Your Body

It’s no secret your body is going to change a bit once you start lifting weights, or going for runs, or swimming laps, or doing yoga. Whatever form of activity you enjoy, get ready to watch your body transform.

Although fitness isn’t about what you see in the mirror (or on the scale) it is nice to take a look at yourself and be proud of what you see. As your muscles start to tone and your body proportions even out, your self-confidence will grow as well.

3. To Clear Your Mind

The final reason to invest in your physical health is to invest in your whole self.

This is your time to give the mind a chance to relax after a long day or wake up for the day ahead. More so, you’re able to physically work through whatever is clouding your mind or making you anxious, which helps more than you might think.

Live the Fit Life You Deserve

Being a little more active doesn’t always look like someone who goes to the gym every single day or runs a really fast mile. Maybe, fitness for you looks like taking a hike 2-3 times a week or going on walks every morning. It doesn’t have to be intense, it just has to feel good.

An active lifestyle is one of the best habits you can ever create. It starts with committing to a community that is ready to show you the ropes, a community like the Bellingham fitness enthusiasts all over town. Whether you’re interested in bodybuilding, backbending, or eating a little healthier, you’re sure to find people all over town who are passionate about these things and ready to support you.

For tips on staying active anywhere you go, click here.

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