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Are you looking to turn your Portland home into a cozy fall oasis?

It’s officially the start of the season and living in Portland means after September 21st, things really start to indeed feel like autumn. The leaves begin to change and the temperature drops which means it’s time for sweater weather and some fall decor.

Wondering how to turn your home into a pumpkin spice filled sanctuary for the next few months without breaking the bank? We’ve got you covered!

Read on for 10 fall decor ideas you can try today.

1. Create a Safe Space

Not only is fall a season, but it’s also a feeling. For many, the season remains a nostalgic one even into adult-hood since it was the time of year you went back to school and started fresh.

You likely remember back to school shopping for all your new supplies and a few cute new wardrobe staples. You can implement the same feeling by making some subtle changes to your home.

Pick an area of your house, whether it be your bedroom, family room or home office and make it a cozy, relaxing and inviting space. Add more blankets, throw pillows or candles to create a seasonal feel.

Since we inevitably spend more time indoors once the season changes, it will be nice to create a personal sanctuary you’ll be excited to hang out in.

2. Make a Tablescape

You can easily create a tablescape you leave standing for the next few months. This way, you’ll have something seasonal to look at while eating dinner on a casual night in as well as something to show off to your guests if you invite people over.

There are a few ways to do this. One is to find a decorative bowl you love and fill it will gourds or pinecones or both. You can make an arrangement in a bowl that way it can be easily moved if you need more space on the table.

You can also fill a vase with rustic branches. The natural colors of the wood will immediately create a cozy and cool-weather atmosphere. These are great options because both of them require no maintenance and can be left for a while on your table without having to be switched out or thrown away.

3. Decorate Your Porch

What better way to welcome your guests or return home than with a decorative porch? You can add some rustic seating like a rocking chair or a bench and cover it with a blanket to spend time outside enjoying the fresh cool air.

You can also paint pumpkins or put larger gourds around the front door. An accessory like that isn’t only reserved for Halloween. If you have an indoor fireplace, keep a basket with chopped wood outside as a decorative element.

4. Bring in That Fall Aroma

One of the least expensive ways to get the feel of fall in your home is to make it smell like fall. We all have our favorite fall scents from cedarwood to pumpkin to cinnamon. Adding a hint of them will spice things up.

Purchase seasonal candles or you can even buy cinnamon sticks and leave them out in a small mason jar as a decorative item as well. If you don’t love candles, consider baking.

Baking your favorite fall treat will fill the air with the scents of autumn and make you feel as though you’ve transitioned your whole home.

5. Get Floral

Fall flowers can add some seasonal flair to your home with ease. Many farmer’s markets and even supermarkets will begin carrying flowers in burnt orange, yellow and red. So you don’t even have to go to the florist to find what you’re looking for.

Create a colorful centerpiece for your dining room table or buy two or three bouquets and mix and match. Make several smaller bouquets, and distribute them throughout the house so you have a little bit of fall in every room.

6. Add Plaid

This pattern is usually associated with the season. We think of plaid coats and even school uniforms. You can add plaid to your home with a simple throw blanket. If you want to take it further, consider plaid napkins, a tablecloth or runner.

You can also swap out your usual throw pillows with one or two plaid patterned ones to change up the look of your living room or bedroom.

7. Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin!

Who doesn’t think of pumpkins when they think of fall? From the orange gourds themselves to a bread loaf or a latte made to reflect it’s flavor, pumpkins are truly a staple of the season.

You can add small pumpkins to your table centerpiece or even scatter them throughout your home for decoration. You don’t always have to carve them! Consider purchasing some flavored syrup or cream to make your favorite pumpkin spice coffee drink every morning and consider purchasing a pumpkin candle.

This scent and flavor are one of the best ways to get into the spirit.

8. Decorate the Door

If you don’t have a large porch to decorate, use your front door. This is a great place to put a seasonal wreath. Consider one made of twine or birch wood so that it lasts all season as opposed to something that will go bad like flowers or leaves.

You can also purchase a fake wreath that has colorful leaves on it and no one will know the difference. Just make sure to pack it away in a bag, or dust it off when you pull it off next season!

9. Recreate Your Color Pallete

Fall comes with its own color palette. If you aren’t into adding bold patterns or strong scents to your home, this could be a subtle and easy way to make some changes.

Think about replacing items like throw pillows, blankets and your bedspread with fall colored decor. You want to stick to rich neutrals like browns, dark greens, beige and white. Then you can add pops of color like burnt orange and a deep red.

10. Bring Nature Indoors

Like we mentioned earlier, you’ll be spending less time outdoors as the temperature cools so bringing the outdoors inside may be a good bet.

You can collect fall leaves and place them in a bowl or bring in firewood and store it inside. You can also bring in branches or pinecones and make your own centerpieces or displays in whichever area of the home you prefer.

Add Your Fall Decor Today!

The season will be over before we know it so make the most of this time by adding in your fall decor now. You can enjoy these little tweaks to your home for the next three months and feel excited to go home to your cozy autumn-filled abode.

Be sure to check out the rest of our blog for more tips!

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