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Lucky Dog Outfitters – What a Lucky Dog!

Luck Dog Outfitters

South Sound Pets Have it MadeLucky Dog Treat

Lucky Dog Outfitters is the perfect all in one pet shop. Located on 6th Avenue in Tacoma, these dog loving South Sounders have what every pet wants and all pet owners need. After performing tricks, my little pup friend for the day, Gizmo the Great, was given many high quality treats and lots of praise. We went in for a doggie pick-up bags and left feeling informed about my product, with a few new products in mind.

Earth Rated doggie bags are greener than green. The packaging is made from recycled material, the bags are 100% biodegradable made from corn (a great renewable resource). Furthermore, the excess

processing material is then recycled for further use! It gets better, if the Quality Control Specialist at Earth Rated doesn’t find a our pups bags to meet their high standards, the bag is donated to animal shelters. Finally a company that’s green and focuses on the pets that haven’t made it home yet.


Lucky Dog Outfitters Products

Drum roll for product details please! The refillable bag container attaches to your leash two ways. The first is by a clip that keeps the container from swinging around on the leash. The second is by a velcro strap that can be adjusted to the handle of the leash. Any awesome pet owner can simply snag a bag when the time is right. The bags come in various sizes to accommodate the smallest and largest furry friends. The container is a twist off for easy refilling.


Most important, the prices are competitive! I paid the same in store as listed online, making this local pet store a one-stop shop for our fur baby needs. The set I purchased came with 25 bags and the container for just under six dollars.

Lucky Dog Outfitters is truly one of the best local pet shops in Tacoma. They carry seasonal products as well as traditional pet gear. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable ensuring that our most loyal companions are happy, healthy, and prepared for the the winter weather.



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