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Best Neighborhoods to live in Portland, OR

A bridge in Portland, OR

If you have decided to make Portland your hometown, congratulations are in order – you made a great choice. No matter what your lifestyle is or what you want it to be in the future, Portland is the right city for you.

It is the city that manages to make a chic, young fashionista, a family of five with toddlers, and a retired teacher feel like they are right where they belong. Being the biggest city in Oregon, Portland has many areas to choose from, and they can vary dramatically from one to another. After a careful review, here is our choice of the best neighborhoods to live in Portland.

Pearl District – modern architecture and fun places for kids

An area where industry morphed into art

This is truly a unique area since, in its past, it used to be made of industrial facilities and warehouses. Over time these robust buildings evolved into respected art establishments, modern business entities, and residences. Warehouses and old plants turned into modern lofts. So if you are an artistic soul with a taste for open-plan living spaces with an industrial feel to them, Pearl District is the finest area to settle in Portland for you. In this area, you can find some of the greatest and most unusual coffee shops in town, as well as restaurants, again boasting this unusual blend of robust industrial architecture and modern trends in interior design.

Kids love it here

This fashion-forward neighborhood is also quite family-friendly. There are lots of imaginative playgrounds for children. The city park located in this area has a signature tidal pool kids are crazy about on those hot summer days. All in all, Pearl District is a neighborhood that appeals to all our senses. It seems to have a way of being unforgettable for anyone that is introduced to it.

Foodies love Mississippi Avenue

An area in Portland with the most diverse offer of restaurants

Speaking of senses, here’s an area that makes an impact, especially if we are talking about taste. In Portland, this part of town is the best place to choose to live for food lovers. If you’re big on eating out and like to sample different cuisines, you will be happy here. Mississippi Avenue has a lot to offer from gluten-free pizza to all-out southern delights and Mexican food. Here the question “Where are we eating tonight?” has an exciting ring to it.

Eccentric stores in this area are truly unique

Another charming characteristic of this neighborhood is its eccentric stores. One of them, for example, is selling lightbulbs. Only lightbulbs, literally. All sorts of them, though. Yet in another one, you can buy the weirdest gifts, such as human or animal bones. Maybe this area wouldn’t be our first choice to recommend to a family with small children, but all others that prefer the night out in town to staying in and that are bored of the usual shopping experience would enjoy living here.

Goose Hollow is the best neighborhood to live in Portland for soccer fans

Soccer fans’ district of choice to live in Portland

First of all, if this is where you choose to live, geese will not be your first neighbors. It is likely your neighbors will be some soccer fans. Prep yourself to take up a revived interest in this sport since Portland is a town in love with soccer. The stadium Providence Park is located in Goose Hollow, with two very popular soccer teams calling it their home. Naturally, this area is packed with all things sports.

A soccer field
Goose Hollow is a soccer-oriented part of town

Vegans will love it here

On the other hand, there is plenty for those not into sports as well. The harmonious marriage between modern apartments and gorgeous historic buildings gives this district its distinct appeal. An impressive array of food choices ranging from high-quality breakfasts to a delightful donut bar, excellent brunches, pizzas, and Thai food, wouldn’t disappoint even the toughest of foodies. Vegans are especially appreciated here, given that Goose Hollow can provide a very satisfactory selection of vegan dishes. So basically, sports fans, this is the right part of Portland for you. Non-sports fans, if you are moving here, you will not be disappointed either, and definitely, you will not be hungry.

No car, no problem in Nob Hill

The best neighborhood to live in Portland if you do not own a car

A place once called the Alphabet District and Northwest Portland, Nob Hill has many things to take pride in. Even though finding parking is not very easy here, walking around this area is pure joy. Many trendy shops have found their place here as well as some amazing eateries. Taking a stroll, you will be able to enjoy the sight of very beautiful Victorian mansions, which are a trademark of this district.

When it comes to public transportation, among other lines, there is Portland Streetcar. It is very effective in getting people to and from work. So, a person not owning a car that loves urban walks will surely find that this is the best area to relocate to in Portland. Also, an interesting perk of this area is an amazing selection of happy hour options when it comes to drinks.

Relax and let the professionals take care of your stuff; start afresh in style

So if you are a person that doesn’t own a car, likes imaginative shops and restaurants, and appreciates a good transportation system, we recommend the following: hire a good residential moving company and rid yourself of the relocation stress, as their expert team can handle everything. Next, select a bar that seems best suited to your mood at the moment. Sit back, relax, and toast to all the wonderful things that are coming – your new life starts here.

A woman having a drink in one of the best neighborhoods to live in Portland

Wonderful mansions and stunning nature in Arlington Heights

Sunset by Taylor Dock Shelter at Boulevard Park Boardwalk in Bellingham Washington

A place out of a story-book

And here is a neighborhood fit for princesses and fairy tale endings – at least we see it that way. Imagine a beautiful house on a hill in Portland, surrounded by wonderful greenery. You can reach it going up a steep and narrow, curvy road, but the effort is worth it. Well, that house must be in Arlington Heights. As opposed to our previously described amazing districts to live in Portland, this one is neither bustling with bars and businesses nor does it have that feel of a large city.

Nature blossoms in Arlington Heights

There are many sanctuaries of nature in this area. One of them is Washington Park, which offers many activities like playgrounds, tennis courts, hiking trails, and the like.

There is also a Forest Park (which is dog friendly), one of the most beautiful parks in the country, and several theme gardens. Although peaceful, you can find several restaurants here which are, nonetheless, of very high quality. Arlington is an upscale neighborhood with expensive houses, stunning views, and amazing nature to admire. A fairy-tale district for many.


Deciding on the best neighborhoods to live in Portland is subject to many factors. But one thing is clear – there is a district in Portland for every type of person. Nevertheless, if you end up in any of the abovementioned, you will hardly be disappointed.

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