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10 Best Restaurants in Portland, Oregon

Best restaurants in Portland

10 Best Restaurants in Portland, Oregon

After a long day of exploring the city of Portland, you’ll be ready for a delicious dinner. Here are the Clever Neighbor picks for the 10 best restaurants in Portland.

Are you traveling to Portland, passing through or just simply looking for the best restaurants in Portland? You’re in luck.  Portland, Oregon has no shortage of tourist attractions. It’s known for its vibrant culture, craft breweries, epic outdoor adventures and some fantastic restaurants. Anyone who’s been to Portland knows about the beauty of its local food scene. This northwestern metropolis has classic American staples, fresh seafood, and a wide range of ethnic fare.

Portland is so filled with food, that restaurants employ 5.5 percent of its workforce. That’s more than almost any other city in America and proves why it is so difficult to choose the best restaurants in Portland.

We’ve compiled a list of go-to food destinations to honor Portland’s culinary scene. After a long day of exploring the city, you’ll be ready for a delicious fare, and here are our picks for the 10 best restaurants in Portland.

1. Jake’s Famous Crawfish

No list of best restaurants in Portland is complete without Jake’s Famous Crawfish. This epic downtown hotspot isn’t just considered one of the best seafood restaurants in Portland but in the entire country.

Jake’s is a historic eatery that’s been dishing up delicious seafood for over 100 years. Their menu plays like greatest hits of Pacific Northwest fare. You’ll find delicious Dungeness crab, healthy local salmon, ad fresh shucked oysters on their menu.

Jake’s is also known as much for its atmosphere as it is its food. Their upscale bar has a variety of signature cocktails and local patrons.

2. Teote

You’ll forget all about Mexican food after a trip to Teote. Teote is a Latin American restaurant that brings forth the best flavors from Colombia, Venezuela, and more.

This cross-cultural restaurant serves up a range of dishes that are spicy, healthy, and gluten-free. Their signature dish, arepas, are homemade Venezuelan corn cakes stuffed with marinated meat.

Looking to go big? Try La Cena. It’s a family-style dinner with beans, rice, plantains, cheese, arepas and more.

Teote also offers one of the unique dining experiences in Portland. A large tree cuts through its upstairs lounge. How many restaurants can say they have a treehouse?

3. Hat Yai

Thai food fills the menu at many of Portland’s best restaurants. Hat Yai may have stiff competition, but this stellar Thai restaurant stands out from the pack.

They specialize in dishing up fast and tasty southern Thai food. You’ll find mouthwatering options like Thai-style fried chicken and spicy chicken wings on their eclectic menu.

Word to the wise: try the combo plate. It comes with curry, pan-fried bread, rice, and tangy chicken.

4. Higgins

If you’re looking for a fancy dinner, look no further than Higgins. This long-standing restaurant is one of the best fine dining options in Portland.

They have a range of gourmet appetizers and entrees on their menu. You can get your seafood fix by trying their muscles, oysters, or Dungeness crab cakes.

One of their more popular appetizers is the charcuterie. It’s a board filled with a mouthwatering arrangement of juicy meats.

Want to know the best part? Higgins partners with local growers, ranchers, fishers, and food artisans. They carry fresh, local and sustainable food from the Pacific Northwest.

5. Matt’s BBQ

You can’t have a list of Portland’s best restaurants without including a food truck. Portland is home to over 300 food trucks, a number that continues to grow every year.

One of the best local food trucks is Matt’s BBQ. This North Portland truck focuses on Texas-style BBQ like pork ribs, beef brisket, and sausage. They smoke their mouthwatering meats Texas-style and serve them on a sandwich, with sides, or by themselves.

This popular spot frequently sells out. Make sure you show up early to beat the crowds.

6. The Woodsman Tavern

The Woodsman Tavern isn’t something you would expect to find in Portland. Many of the local best restaurants focus on healthy, sustainable, or ethnic food.

The Woodsman Tavern, on the other hand, is a no-frills classic American restaurant. This rustic hotspot is famous for dishing up staples like fried chicken, cheeseburgers, and bbq sandwiches.

It’s comfort food at its finest. Grab an entree and worry about the calories later.

7. Kachka

Russian food might not sound all that appetizing. But one trip to Kachka will change your mind.

This low-key restaurant dishes up an array of unique items with Eastern European influences. You can try bold items like rabbit in a clay pot or the mysterious seven-layer dip.

Really, though, Kachka is all about the dumplings. They fill their dumplings to the brim with pork, beef, and onions. Warning: they are insanely addictive.

8. Pok Pok

No trip to Portland is complete without a trip to Pok Pok. This Thai restaurant has built up a legendary reputation thanks to its Kai Yaang. This dish comes with chicken, garlic, cilantro, lemongrass. They also serve it with spicy, sweet, or sour dipping sauces.

Pok Pok serves up zesty, family-style dishes. It also has a full bar, inviting patio, and a warm atmosphere.

9. Ataula

Local foodies know all about Ataula. This Spanish restaurant puts a modern spin on old Spanish classics.

They use Northwestern ingredients to modify iconic Spanish menu items like tapas, paella, and croquetas. Popular dishes include calamari, pork ribs, tartare and pato – or confit duck served with mushrooms.

As a Spanish restaurant, Ataula also specializes in serving up tasty beverages. You won’t want to miss their Spanish wine or sweet sangria.

10. St. Jack

Three words: reverse happy hour. St. Jack is a cozy French cafe that is popular for its ambiance as much as its tasty food.

This local favorite feels exactly like a real Parisian bistro, right down to the extensive wine list and lively patio.

St. Jack also has a daily happy hour from 4 pm – 6 pm and a reverse happy hour that begins at 10 pm. You can snag popular dishes like butter lettuce, curried poutine, and mussels at a discount.

Portland’s Best Restaurants

There’s no shortage of quality restaurants in Portland. Its food scene is filled with culinary adventures from around the globe.

These 10 restaurants showcase the best seafood, ethnic food, and American classics located in Portland.

Are you looking for more things to do in Portland? We can help. Check out our guide to all things Portland on the Clever Neighbor blog.

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