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21st Century Burger Joint

Old Fashioned Burger Joint With A 21st Century

When my wife was pregnant with our first born, she craved potatoes; mainly in the form of Pick-Quick french-fries. Many drives were made past the conventional fast food restaurants in favor of the fresh offerings and light atmosphere you can find at Pick-Quick — a 21st Century Burger Joint in Auburn, Washington.

Pick-Quick offers french-fries, burgers, hot-dogs and milkshakes — along with an assortment of self-serve sodas. One embellishment that I am fond of is the inclusion of Green River Soda, undoubtedly hearkening to Auburn’s nearby Green River Valley.

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Customers enjoying a meal at Pick Quick's Auburn location.

Customers enjoying a meal at Pick-Quick’s Auburn location.


Two South-Sound Locations

Pick Quick has two locations in the South Sound. Their first is a walk up window in Fife. Their second location, in Auburn, could be described as a 21st century adaptation of a mid-20th century burger joint. Many of the decisions made in design and construction are environmentally friendly. Pick-Quick does not hide this fact, scattering their restaurant with signs explaining their eco-conscious decisions. One such design choice is their use of chairs made from 111 Coca Cola Bottles (purchase your own here). The eco-friendly design extends to the parking lot with pervious concrete and parking spots for low-emission vehicles.

The Fife location opened in 1949. The Auburn location opened in 2011. Their third location opened in Seattle’s SODO district in the fall of 2016.



Pick-Quick offers great food and atmosphere for kids and adults alike.

Creating Memories

I recently made a trip to Pick-Quick’s Auburn location with my son. As you may know, he’s been eating there since before he was born. We shared a chocolate milkshake and an order of fries. He wanted a little more so I got him a hamburger. Perched on well intact bar stools, watching the short order cooks at work, lit by a partly cloudy sky, eating freshly made food, enjoying a weekend afternoon. Something simple. Something to be thankful for.



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