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Looking For Summer Fun in Spokane? Check Out a Spokane Indians Game!

If you’re in Spokane and looking for a fun event for the whole family, the Spokane Indians are a great option during the summer and fall months. The Spokane Indian’s are a minor league team that offers major league fun with talented players, unique mascots, and gameday promotions that give the fans a memorable experience.

Spokane Indians Background

The Indians are a Minor League Baseball team as a member of the High-A West league and are an affiliate of the Colorado Rockies. Formerly a triple-A team, they are  now in the lower minor division, but still have plenty of talent come through the system, with recent notable players such as Chris Davis, Zack Greinke, Ian Kinsler, and Carlos Beltran.

Many Unique Mascots

The Spokane Indians are just as focussed on giving their fans an amazing experience as they are with winning baseball games. One of the ways they do this is by having one of the deepest rosters of mascots in all of sports.

The Indians currently have 4, yes 4, mascots at their games. Otto The Mascot, who is famed to be the first Spokanasaurus, Doris The Spokanasaurus, Ribby The Redband Trout, who appears in the 7th inning to rally the team and crowd, and Recycleman, who helps recycle over 17,000 pounds of paper, plastic, and aluminum each season.

Family Fun Event’s 

The Spokane Indians hospitality towards their fans doesn’t just stop with silly mascots. Avista Field offers a host of promotional nights where fans can win prizes, receive free gear and memorabilia, and even win cold hard cash. They bring the show no matter what the score of the game, with special nights such as firework night, carnival night, and baseball bingo. Whether you are looking to host a business event, birthday party, or just get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine with your family, the Spokane Indians are a must see attraction in Spokane.

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Mike Tigas from Spokane, WA, United States, CC BY 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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