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Summer Activities You Should Do in Spokane

Spokane Indians baseball team

Summers in Spokane are tough to beat. The long days during the summer provide an excellent way to enjoy this city in many ways. If you’re a golfer, you can enjoy one of the four nationally recognized municipal courses.

Looking for a little more adventure? Try white water rafting. It’s hard to believe but you actually launch in downtown Spokane. Want a great glass of wine with a beautiful view? Arbor Crest has you covered. No matter what your interest is, Spokane has a varied and wonderful number of things to see and do. 

Baseball in Spokane has a long and rich tradition dating back to 1898. Though the location and names of the teams have changed over time, the passion and love for the game locally has endured. Some Major League legends have even passed through Spokane as well. Upon the Rim of Honor at Avista Stadium, you can see several legends including Maury Wills and Hall of Famer Tommy Lasorda that have helped cement a legacy of excellence in Spokane’s baseball history.

This year marks the second that the Spokane Indians baseball team has participated in the High-A Northwest league. This is an upgrade from the previous short season A ball that they played. This means a longer season and more opportunities to get to the ballpark.

This team does a phenomenal job of creating an A+ fan experience. Whether it’s the concessions, mascots or just the great electricity in the air.

These athletes are trying to make it to the MLB, so they’re giving everything they have and the play is top notch. This team even gets that hot rookie that needs to hone his craft before making the next step. Spokane Indian today, Colorado Rockies tomorrow. 

Prior to the game and outside the gate, a party-like atmosphere is raging. Fans are filing through the gate as bands play to the crowd to keep a palpable joy in the air. The ticket prices are reasonable and if you get there early enough there are special menu items and even a happy hour to save you a couple of bucks.

My suggestion is that you get your concessions early. There are several windows where you can get that awesome game grub at charming prices, so get in quickly cause the line gets long. Sure, you can get your standard baseball fare of hotdogs and beer but sometimes you can get those items with a little more flair. Ever drink the bat? 

helmet full of nachos

Skip the cup, for just $22 you can get this 25 ounce plastic bat filled with No-Li’s Redband Tangerine Wheat brew. No-Li is a local favorite and a dollar from each sale goes to promote the awareness of our native Redband trout and the overall health of the Spokane River.  Pretty cool, right? Well, have you ever had a helmet full of nachos?

Sure there are several more stadium foods available. All are reasonably priced and good enough to gorge on through 9 innings. Just don’t forget to leave room for dessert. Everyone knows that ice cream sandwiches taste the best after that 7th inning stretch.

Have a kid with ya? The Kid’s Zone provides a diversion from the game for youngsters to move and groove. There are mascots, an inflatable slide, sidewalk chalk and even a batting cage where future ballplayers are made. Of course, a deal must be made that every other inning each parent does the trade out. Getting that second “bat O’ beer” is a must.

It was Star Wars night when we visited. The mascots were dressed as characters, the 501st Legion was there as well. They are a local group of cosplayers with movie authentic costumes. The players even had special Star Wars jerseys and the music from the films filled the air in between batters. It was a blast. Need a picture with Boba Fett? No problem. 

The night ended with a fireworks display that was just enough to get the oohs and ahhs without anyone losing a finger. With the fan experience being top notch, I can’t wait to get back to the ballpark and eat my way through another 9 innings.

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