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Step into Hot Poop!

Hot Poop

People tend to sidestep when they see hot poop on Main Street in Anywhere, USA. However, folks from all over the world have traveled to Walla Walla just to march right through Hot Poop. Not the dog stuff but the record store where did you really think I was going with this?

Hot Poop is the oldest independent record store in Washington State. Established in 1973, this store has witnessed the birth of hip hop, grunge and thankfully the death of disco.  With a massive collection of vinyl, CD’s and instruments, this storefront is crammed with more than you can ever hope to see on a single visit. There is even an amazing collection of memorabilia that makes this location more than just a place of commerce but makes it a museum for any audiophile out there.

With a wide selection of all genres of music, Hot Poop will have even the most obscure one hit wonder that you might be too ashamed to admit that you love. Apparently Funko Pops aren’t the only vinyl that’s moving. Hot Poop actually sells just as many Vinyl records as they do CD’s. They don’t just sell the popular albums, you can actually discover some really hard to find gems. Not having much of an online presence makes the journey to the city of many waters a pilgrimage worth making if you’re trying to complete your collection.

wide selection of all genres of music
Hot Poop-record shelf

Often, stores are just brick and mortar and tend to have a short shelf life due to them just turning products over for profit. Hot Poop is nothing like that. The second you walk into this local landmark you feel warmth. You can tell that the owners and employees treat Walla Walla’s musical mecca as a passion project. They’re not just there to turn a profit but to make sure that everyone that enters feels welcomed and that they won’t be made fun of for loving Aqua’s Barbie girl.

Hot Poop Merchandise

If you’d rather make music than listen to others play it, then Hot Poop has you covered. Boasting one of the largest guitar selections in the Northwest, you’ll have a great number to choose from. Some are even one-of-a-kind pieces that shred and let your audience know that you’re a musician of culture. One guitar that was made by the Walla Walla Guitar Company was even played on American Idol. With a selection of their guitars on display, it’s easy to see why Hot Poop has a special place in the store for them.

If you’ve been to Walla Walla, then you’ll notice that there aren’t too many places to find that new television or neighbor agitating stereo set up. Filling the void, Hot Poop sells those too. They’re actually an official Sony dealer.

musical selection

After you’ve made your musical selection and found out that you’ve completely lost track of time, look above the register. There you’ll find a selection of t-shirt designs by local artists that are must haves for anyone needing to commemorate their journey. Not only will you have a cool design on your body but you’ll also be able to out-hipster that bearded, flannel wearing dude drinking that IPA at the end of the bar.

selection of t-shirt designs by local artists

If you’re visiting the Eastern side of the state, then Walla Walla is a place you need to visit. Not just for the poop but for the great wine scene and local cuisine. After all that you may want to know why the store is called “Hot Poop”…well, I didn’t ask, I didn’t want to step in it.

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