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Have Fun at The Bellingham Farmers Market

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There’s nothing quite like the Bellingham Farmers Market to mix with locals, find local produce, and feel like a part of the community. No wonder the number of farmers markets has quadrupled in the last 20 years.

The Bellingham Farmers Market is on a whole other level.

There are some great ways to have fun there, on your own or with the whole family. Music, local and exotic food, face-painting, new recipe ideas, craft gifts, and decorations. It’s a chance to support sustainable farming, learn from local chefs, dance to live music and select the best produce from over 100 vendors.

Read on to learn all the fun things to do at the Bellingham Farmers Market!

The Farmers Market Experience

The popularity of the farmers market is definitely on the rise. There are currently 8,500 farmers markets across the US. People love them–and what’s not to love?!

Farmers markets encourage sustainable farming, support local growers, and encourage a healthy diet. Best of all, they bring the community together. They even create jobs: every $1 million earned at a farmers market creates 13 full-time jobs.

The Bellingham Farmers Market: When and Where

While farmers markets are increasingly popular all over the USA, there isn’t another one quite like Bellingham’s. Let’s have a look at when and where you can find it, and what you can find there.

There are now two options for visiting the Bellingham Farmers Market. The Fairhaven Market is at Fairhaven Village Green, 1207 10th Street, Bellingham WA. It’s right behind Village Books. From June to August you can find them open on Wednesday from 3 pm to 7 pm for a mid-week market fix.

The Downtown Market is at Depot Market Square in downtown Bellingham. It runs from 10 am to 3 pm on Saturdays from April to December. The Downtown is the bigger of the two, attracting 100 local vendors and large crowds. Both markets offer things to do–let’s take a look at the options.

Have a Picnic

After buying your fresh local produce, why not spread a mat on the Wednesday market green at Fairhaven? You can enjoy a picnic right there. It gives the kids a chance to run a little free.

Eating a picnic as a family creates a culture of healthy eating and enjoying the outdoors. If you prefer a picnic table over picnic rug, you can find these at the Saturday market. For singles, couples, and moms and dads with a babysitter, a picnic makes for a romantic date.

Spice up Your Cooking

During market season, you can come along on the first Wednesday of each month and learn how to use the season’s best ingredients. Local chef’s run a demo, so you can take notes, grab the ingredients, and head home to try it out! It always involves local fresh food and has a focus on healthy choices, from salad greens to cheese and sprouts.

Play at Play Lab

Every second Wednesday kids and adults alike can come along to the Play Lab to play and learn. You might find a play dough bar where kids can mix herbs and other objects into their dough. Activities are open to interpretation so that each participant can make their own learning experience.

Market Yoga

Every third Wednesday of the month the market has free yoga. It is held in the green space in the fresh air–what a great way to bump into neighbors and meet new friends. All while getting fit and healthy!

The sessions rotate instructors and are for all levels of ability. They even have giveaway prizes! Bring along your mat and join in the market yoga fun.

Live Local, Shop Local

Stroll the market aisles and ask vendors what recipes they recommend for in-season produce. As you become a regular, you can report back on how the recipe went, or what you did to make it even better! Perhaps its artisan products you’re seeking for a special occasion gift.

Mothers day, fathers day, birthdays or baby showers. Whatever the occasion, you’re bound to find an original gift from a local artisan. Right at Bellingham Farmers Markets!

Enjoy Live Music

Every Saturday buskers come along to the market to entertain market goers. You’ll find violinists, vocalists, banjo trios and even drumming groups. Come along to listen to some music, and remember to have some tips to throw in the buskers’ hat!

Teach Your Kids About Veggies

Children learn best through play. So why not use the market to teach them about healthy, fresh produce? You can pick up a Veggie Scavenger Hunt card from the information booth.

Once you’ve marked off the game card, they can return it to the information booth for a special BFM bookmark! We promise, they’ll be having so much fun they won’t realize they’re learning.

Support Kid Entrepreneurs

At the Kids Vending Day, you can buy items made by some of the community’s youngest entrepreneurs! Kids create wallets from duct tape, gorgeous dolls, scented soaps, crafty jewelry, magnets and more. Your kids can join the vendors to sell their wares.

They might even get creative project ideas from the things they buy from their peers. You’ll find Kids Vending Day on the last Saturday of each month. From April to October.

Catch up with a Friend

Life seems busier nowadays. It can be hard to catch up with friends and family. Why not combine the weekly food shopping with a stroll in the outdoors by hitting the Bellingham Farmers Markets for your social catchups?

Be Adventurous

There are all sorts of opportunities at the farmers market to get adventurous. Dare to have your face painted, or to try a product you’ve never heard of before! Stallholders are only too happy to explain what they sell and how you can use it in your recipes.

What to Take

To have a no-drama day at the markets, we have some advice on what to take. We suggest you pack enough canvas bags to store your fresh produce and gifts. Some stallholders accept credit cards but it’s a good idea to carry cash, too.

Throw in a hat and some sunscreen if you plan on picnicking, and some small change for buskers. Last but not least, don’t forget a camera to snap all the fun you have and the colorful gifts and produce on display.

Not sure how the weather is going to be on a given day? We suggest taking a three-layer-approch to your style.

Market Day Here We Come!

There you have it–farmers markets are the place to be. They support local farmers and sustainable farming practices. They also strengthen the community.

But not all farmers markets are equal. Not all farmers markets are as great as Bellingham’s! So go grab some bags, and get yourself to the Bellingham Farmers Market.

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