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Now that the cold months are here and rain fills many of the days in Skagit County, it is an excellent time to find a few indoor activities to fill your time. While the mall in Skagit county may not have your favorite stores, many boutiques and family-owned shops are excellent.  Shopping in Skagit County is a fun winter activity and helps keep local businesses afloat.

During COVID we all supported local and small, and this winter, Skagit County shops need our support more than ever. From Sedro-Woolley to Anacortes, Conway to Edison, there are hidden finds everywhere. With a bit of driving around and scoping out the best spots to shop, we have put together our favorite list of shops to support local this winter.

Alpacas of South Fork Farms

Alpaca yarn

Nestled along the South Fork of the Skagit River, South Fork Farms is home to around 35 alpacas. 

The farm is committed to high-quality alpaca fibers and is home to a small shop. The Bunkhouse Boutique that is located on the property sells yarn, bird nesting balls, sweaters, socks, and more. They also sell shawls and scarves, gloves, cat balls, finger puppets, and felted soaps. The shop is very small, but if you are in need of something to keep you warm this January, they definitely have something for you.

Re-Feather your Nest

Re-Feather Your Nest is both a consignment store and a boutique. Located in downtown Mt. Vernon and Anacortes, Re-Feather Your Nest is an interior decorator’s dream. With high-end used furniture and décor galore, re-feather your next has it all. From antique signs to beach house decorations, there is something for every taste and style. Much of Re-Feather’s décor is a rustic farmhouse style.

If you aren’t ready to redecorate your entire house, there are plenty of other finds to search through. From handcrafted jewelry to a small clothing section, there is something for everyone to look through. Re- Feather Your Nest is particularly popular just before the holidays because of all of the fantastic Christmas decorations. If you are shopping in January, you may be able to get a bargain on many of their Christmas décor that is left over. For each holiday, they stalk the shelves with themed décor so that your home can look great year-round.

El Sage Designs

El Sage Designs in Mt. Vernon is a small, locally-owned print shop. Using both block printing and screen printing, they create Pacific Northwest-themed clothing, art, and stickers. They have a large selection of hats, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and more, all printed in small batches. El Sage Designs advocate for social and environmental responsibility; they donate 1% of their annual earnings to organizations fighting to save the environment. On any given day when you head in, you can probably find the owners Phoebe and Jonathon working and printing new designs.

Pac Nor Westy

Pac Nor Westy is home to everything outdoors and PNW themed. They offer t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and more that are all printed with fun outdoor imagery. Some with mountains or the ocean and others with slogans like “hike it wet” and “Camp more.” In addition to clothing, they offer field notebooks, journals, books, cards, and stationery, all outdoor and PNW themed. They also offer things such as cups, mugs, blankets, and more that are all aimed at PNW lovers.

Pac Nor Westy opened its doors in 2017 and has since been striving to become more sustainable and ethically sourced. Many of their items come from small-batch artisans, and they strive to source from the USA and the PNW whenever possible. Shopping in Skagit County is a great way to get your fix of PNW gear.

Elizabeth’s Cottage by the Sea

Elizabeth’s Cottage by the Sea, located in Anacortes, is a shop of all things. They sell Jewelry, Beads, gifts, crystals, furniture, antiques, gems, minerals, and more. The shop is a mix of a gift shop and a local boutique. They have a large section of antique and new jewelry in one area, and in another, they sell paint and transfer supplies. This multi-level shop has bins, shelves, and display cases aplenty to keep you busy for as long as you want to browse.

Alley Cat Antiques

In Conway, you will find a plethora of antique stores. Alley Cat Antiques has a large front and usually has a large selection of items from local estate sales. Alley Cat antiques have everything an antique lover could want, from quilts to typewriters and everything in between.

Pelican Bay Books and Coffee House

In Anacortes, on 9th street, Pelican Bay Books and Coffee house stands. The bookstore was first opened in 1994 in a different building, and after moving several times, it has been in its current building since 2006. This book store is unique because it is a used and rare book store. It’s owners chose Anacortes to be close to the sea and the forest and now use the space as both a book store and a small café with coffee and pastries.

Rare Books Pelican Bookstore

Indigo Dreams Fiber Studio

In Edison, Indigo Dreams Fiber sits on the main street, Nestled in between the Edison Restaurant and several other popular Edison eateries. This small boutique sells clothing, fabric, jewelry, and more. In the tiny town of Edison, this is one of the only businesses that is not a restaurant, bakery, or bar. They are open Friday-Sunday or by appointment.

The Lucky Dumpster

This furniture and antique store is located on the corner in Edison. They have an eclectic combination of handmade items, art, and furniture. They are very popular in the town of Edison, and their interesting window displays draw in crowds of tourists each summer.

There are so many great shops to discover in Skagit county. From tiny boutiques hidden on county roads to local tourist shops on the main drag. All of these businesses are locally owned and operated by families in Skagit county who need support and shoppers through the winter season. When it’s rainy and cold out, considering going on a shopping tour of Skagit County! January- March is a critical time for small shops to prepare for the busy spring and summer season, and they love to have visitors come in, support, and learn more about their business.

For more shopping, eating, and local gems, check back into the Skagit County Clever Neighbor.  

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