A Shopper’s Paradise: 7 of the Coolest Things Made in Oregon

made in Oregon

If you could travel somewhere this year, where would you go?

Many travelers would pick somewhere overseas, but why travel continental when there are so many things to see in your own backyard? Portland, Oregon welcomed 8.6 million people for overnight-trips in 2017.

In addition to all the landscaping and typical touristy spots to visit in Portland, many people go there just for the souvenirs. Here’s a shopper’s paradise list of the 7 coolest things made in Oregon. Get ready for your next trip by reading more below!

1. Beaver Brand

In almost every refrigerator in Oregon, you’ll find at least one product made by Beaverton Foods. As a family-run business, they make different brands of Beaver mustard and Ingelhoffer horseradish which is found everywhere in the state of Oregon.

Their company became so large and well-known that in 2001 Jam Giant Smuckers offered to buy them for $17 million but was turned down. They moved to a bigger facility in Hillsboro, Oregon instead to continue making their delicious condiments. Once you taste the Beaver Brand you’ll never want to go back to Heinz.

2. Custom Motorcycle Jackets

If you have a motorcycle enthusiast in your life, this is the perfect gift for them. Found on Southeast Division Street in Portland, Oregon is Langlitz Leathers shop.

The shop is over 70 years old and offers a selection of jackets and pants, but their specialty is custom-made leather which is all cut and sewn in-shop. Although a custom jacket only takes about two days, the demand is so high it’s created a 2-3 month order backlog.

3. Whiskey Tumblers

These handmade whiskey tumblers are for any drink lover. No two cups are the same as each one is handmade on a potter’s wheel. These tumblers, found at Covet & Ginger in Southwest Portland, run for $78 and make the perfect unique gift.

Pair these tumblers with a cocktail map from former Multnomah Whiskey Library bartender Brett Adams for the perfect gift combo. They’ll discover new favorite drinks and cocktails, ranging from a Derby Fizz to a Blood and Sand. The cocktail map comes with the chart and a bottle of whiskey, plus a cocktail shaker!

If you need a bottle opener to go with your drink, check out Maple XO’s bottle opener made from leftover skateboard scraps!

4. Beery Chocolates

For both beer and chocolate lovers, this souvenir has the best of both worlds. This beery chocolate truffle collection is infused with some of Oregon’s most famous craft beers – plus, they are shaped like beer bottle tops.

Inside the set, you’ll find Moonstruck truffles filled with Full Sail IPA, Widmer Hefeweizen, Rogue Hazelnut Brown, and Deschutes Black Butte Porter. Add a six-pack of one of the beers for the perfect gift basket combo.

5. Tillamook Cheese

Despite Wisconsin being home of the cheeseheads, Peter McIntosh from Tillamook County, Oregon took home the award for cheese at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904.

His medium cheddar cheese is well-known throughout the state and any restaurant who serves their burgers with his cheese are sure to brag about it – and you’re guaranteed to taste the difference! Be sure to stop at their local factory and take one of their free daily tours to learn more about the cheese-making process.

6. Pendleton Blankets

If you plan on visiting Oregon during the winter, prepare to dress warmly. The average low temp is 34 degrees during December. In addition to your winter clothes, considering getting a Pendleton blanket as a warm souvenir.

During the late 1880’s in Salem, Oregon the Pendleton Blanket company began and later moved to its well-known location in Pendleton, Oregon. The first robes and blankets were manufactured for local Native tribes, which is where the Native American style of today’s blankets originated.

Here, you’ll find blankets with unique patterns and bright colors.

7. Bob’s Red Mill

Last but not least we have Bob’s Red Mill, a staple in Oregon for their wide variety of flours, grains, and other baking supplements. In today’s current trends they are providing gluten-free options for blends and flours.

The origin of Bob’s Red Mill is an interesting one straight from the man himself. Bob Moore founded Bob’s Red Mill in Milwaukie, Oregon, and eventually turned the company over to employee ownership. He’s well-liked throughout the community, as well as a philanthropist and role model.

The company is most well-known for their characteristic 1-1/2 pound bags of flours, grains, and specialty baking mixes, stocking grocery stores throughout the nation. The Milwaukie store and restaurant location is visible from Highway 224, catching your attention with its bright red color.

7 Coolest Things Made in Oregon

Between Bob’s Red Mill where you can buy your favorite cereal or flour to a custom leather jacket from Langlitz Leathers, you’ll have the perfect gift for any occasion. For the boozy friends or the family member that’s always cold, these gifts made in Oregon are some of the best quality gifts in the United States.

Sometimes the best gifts are to yourself to make the best memories, even if they only last a little while. Make sure to get yourself a souvenir, whether it’s a whiskey tumbler or a beery chocolate truffle. There’s no better way to remember the state of Oregon than with some good food and a drink once in a while.

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