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Bellingham Local Goodies to Stalk up on this Spring

Bellingham Local Goods

Bellingham is home to a plethora of amazing local finds. Surrounded by the waters of the Puget Sound and the foothills of the north cascades, Bellingham’s fertile soil and excellent growing conditions have made the area rich in locally grown food. There is nothing better than buying things like produce, honey, and bread from local farmers and bakers who put their livelihoods into the quality of their products. Spring is the perfect time to locate your farmer’s markets and sign up for a CSA and track down all the best spots to round up your local produce every week. Bellingham Local Goodies are readily available in the spring.

Spring brings flowers, fresh produce, and an awakening of all the local shops and farmer’s markets. It is a great time to reconnect to your local farmers and rediscover all of the local goods that you may have missed over the wintertime. If you are looking to support locals and eat right from Whatcom county, spring is the time to plan out your summer harvest plans.  

Bellingham Saturday Market 

The Bellingham Farmers Market is an excellent way to connect to local goods and vendors from your area. The Saturday market is from 10 am to 2 pm on Saturdays. January- March the market is held on the 3rd Saturday of the month. And, every Saturday during the rest of the year. While the Saturday market is open year-round, late spring is an excellent time to see the harvest begin. You will see an excellent selection of local harvest goods from spring to late fall. Such as strawberries, lettuce, kale, root vegetables, and more.  

At the Saturday Market, there are rotating groups of over 35 farmers from Skagit and Whatcom counties. They offer produce, cheese, mushrooms, honey, beef, and other meat products, eggs, flowers, fish, nuts, potted plants, and more. In addition to the range of local farmers, the Saturday market has locally made bread, processed artisan foods, prepared foods, crafters, and more. 

If you are looking for ways to buy most of your groceries locally, you can find everything that you would normally fill your cart with at the farmer’s market. Supporting local farms helps the local economy, supports sustainable small-scale farming, and gives you access to local, organically grown goods. Bellingham Local Goodies are easy to find at the Bellingham Saturday Market.

Beeworks Farms 

Beeworks Farms is a small family-owned, bee farm located in Whatcom County, Washington. Their mission is to keep strong and healthy bees in order to supply a unique range of honey from the backyard of the PNW. All of their honey is raw and unfiltered. Their honey season begins in April every year, and different crops bring different kinds of honey throughout the spring-summer and early fall. 

Their honey season begins with big leaf maple and raspberry in the spring. The summer brings blackberry, thistle, wild rose, sweet pea, numerous herbs, and wildflower honey. In August, at the end of the honey season, they end their season with fireweed honey from bees above 3,500 feet in the Mt. Baker National Forest. Each harvest brings unique flavors. Did you know that eating honey from the local area can actually help mitigate seasonal allergies? 

In addition to honey, Beeworks Farms also makes nectar and supplies honeycomb. If you are ready to taste all of the seasons and harvests of the PNW in a unique way, sampling honey from each specific time of the season is a wondrous experience. 

Joe’s Gardens

Fruit and Veggie stand Bellingham

Joe’s Gardens has been offering produce, vegetable starts, hanging baskets, and more since 1933. Located in Bellingham, Washington, Joe’s is open seasonally from Early March until Fall. Joe’s Gardens supplies Bellingham with excellent, locally grown food from vegetables like kale, carrots, broccoli, and more to fruits like locally harvested raspberries and strawberries. 

Vegetable Starts are available every year from March until May. They have hundreds of herbs, peppers, lettuce and kale varieties, root vegetables, and cole crops like cauliflower and broccoli.

Good’s Nursery and Produce 

Bellingham Flowers

Good’s Nursery and Produce in Bellingham is open March-august with Produce and Nursery items. They offerWashington grown produce, and an assortment of plants from seasonal veggie starts to flowers. During the Holidays, Goods is also open to supply local Christmas Trees. 

Good’s is another local Bellingham business ready to supply all of your local shopping needs. Depending on the month, they source from Washington Farmers and have everything from peaches and zucchini to watermelon and strawberries.


Are you looking to experience local goods from the comfort of your own home? Dandelion Organic Delivery is a produce delivery service that offers local fruits and veggies from the Whatcom County area straight to your door. Dandelion sources local growers first and prides itself on sustainability and commitment to green practices. 

This seasonal delivery box is similar to a CSA. Every week they deliver you a box of produce from local farmers. They offer a harvest box or you can opt for an all fruits or all vegetable box. The week prior to your box delivery, you can head online and see what’s slated for this week’s delivery. You can also make changes to the types of products you are getting. 

They offer a few different-sized boxes and are ready to cater to your favorite foods and exclude your least favorites. This is a great option for folks who want a bit more flexibility with the same local abundance as a traditional CSA. Dandelion offers many Bellingham local goodies

Bellingham has a wide range of locally sourced Bellingham Local Goodies. The fruits and vegetables that are sold at local Bellingham markets are of top quality. . Instead of traveling hundreds or thousands of miles to wind up on the shelves of your grocery store, they come from just down the road and pass from the farmer’s hand into yours. We are uniquely blessed in the PNW to have bountiful harvests from March through late fall. Other goods, including artisanal bread, locally grown beef, pork, chicken, eggs, and homemade cheese, are all part of the goods offered in the Bellingham area. 

Check back into the Bellingham Clever Neighbor to find more local businesses to support! 

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