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Bellingham Local Goodies to Stalk up on this Spring

Bellingham Local Goods

Bellingham is home to a plethora of amazing local finds. Surrounded by the waters of the Puget Sound and the foothills of the north cascades, Bellingham’s fertile soil and excellent growing conditions have made the area rich in locally grown food. There is nothing better than buying things like produce, honey, and bread from local farmers and bakers who put their livelihoods into the quality of their products. Spring is the perfect time to locate your farmer’s markets and sign…

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things to do in bellingham
Bellingham Travel

Bellingham’s Best of the Outdoors

Like most of the Pacific Northwest, Bellingham and the surrounding area is full of outdoor adventures. Whether you like the Mountains or the ocean, in Bellingham you don’t have to choose. From the Bay, you can often see the…

Fairhaven Travel

A Day in Fairhaven

Bellingham has a number of distinct areas and districts, each with their own charm and unique culture. Fairhaven is in the South of Bellingham, nestled next to Chuckanut Drive and Bellingham Bay. If you are looking for a day…