Catch ‘Em All with Pokemon GO: The Best Places to Find Pokemon In Olympia

You have already searched all around where you live to find the Pokemon you need. It seems like there aren’t any Pokemon left in that area.

Now, what do you do? Where else can you walk, and work on your Pokemon GO Pokedex collection?

Olympia, WA has Pokemon all over the place! The Pokemon in Olympia are plentiful. You can find almost every type of Pokemon you need in just a few select spots.

Keep reading to learn about the most common areas to find select Pokemon in Olympia.

1. Pokemon in Olympia Are Downtown

The general downtown area of Olympia has all kinds of stuff to do and all kinds of Pokemon to catch.

There are also a lot of stops all over downtown and Pokemon Gyms you can easily stumble upon, just by walking around.

It is a very walkable area, so you could spend a day walking around and finding all kinds of new Pokemon that you didn’t have before.

Looking for a Beldum? How about a Mewtwo? Check downtown!

Downtown offers many different activities, so it’s a good place for both locals and visitors to stop. You can spend part of your time searching for new Pokemon and part of it experiencing some of the culture.

2. Decatur Woods Park

This is a beautiful little park on the Westside to spend some time during the day. There is nature all around and a playground for little ones, so you can relax while finding your Pokemon.

It’s also a small area, so you don’t have to travel too far to take advantage of what it offers Pokemon GO players. Need a Zubat? Check here!

In this park, there are at least 5 stops that have been discovered and at least one gym.

3. McKenna Park

This park offers Pokemon GO players at least 2 stops and a gym that can be used.

Most of these are actually able to be accessed from the parking lot if you don’t have time to really walk around. If you need psychic Pokemon, you may be able to find a Metagross or a Deoxy in this area.

In McKenna Park, there is not a lot of space, but it is a great Pokemon GO location for locals to visit. There is a variety of Pokemon that can be caught here, including water Pokemon.

4. Yelm Timberland Library

In this general area, there are a few stops that are worth checking out. It’s a little outside of Olympia, but it can be a good stop for some of the locals.

The library itself actually has a gym, however, and is in a comfortable location that allows you to sit and relax. People have been known to catch Rhydons near this location.

Many of the libraries in Olympia as well are also gyms for Pokemon GO, so consider spending some time looking at the books once you are done with the game!

5. Percival Landing Park

The boardwalk is a great area to catch all kinds of Pokemon. This may actually be one of the most common places people go to find new Pokemon, so you likely won’t be the only GO player there.

Near Percival Landing, you will find that there is a lot of stops throughout this little area for Pokemon. Rattata and Magikarp have been spotted here. You also may run across some shiny Pokemon, such as Beldum, as well!

In addition to that, there are great views of nature and other things that you can do when you finish catching Pokemon. It gives locals and visitors a great way to spend the day.

You can also find nests in this area commonly, so that can be a huge benefit for those that are trying to complete those tasks within the game.

6. Marathon Park

Marathon Park has at least 13 stops that you can find new Pokemon at.

You can also find 2 gyms here.

If you need grass and water Pokemon, such as a Meganium or a Dratini, this is a great place to start. Ghost Pokemon have been spotted here also if you are looking for a Gengar.

For a lot of the new players that live in Olympia, you may want to begin your experience with catching Pokemon in this park because there are a lot of Pokemon available that are commonly found!

7. Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually Wildlife Refuge

To offer full disclosure, this location does require a small fee to actually enter. However, once you’re in, there are so many stops and gyms that you will have access to!

This area is often less busy than other parts of the city with people playing the game, so you may find more Pokemon than you think.

There is also a lot of variety in terms of the types of Pokemon you may be able to locate. For instance, you may be able to find Eevees, Pidgeys, or Spearows in this part of Olympia.

There are definitely at least 6 gyms and 16 stops in this refuge. You also are able to support the local community by stopping here and paying the fee, so it is a great location for both of these reasons.

This location has tons of wildlife (obviously) that you can spend some time looking at as well, including a wide variety of birds that you might never have seen if not for this refuge.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All

There are hundreds of Pokemon that you can catch in the game. Let’s fill up that Pokedex!

Pokemon in Olympia all over the place and you just have to get out there to search for them! If you are interested, there are even groups of people that work together to find specific Pokemon.

Pokemon GO is a great way to get out of the house and explore Olympia, WA. Spend some time looking at new places you haven’t been and you will be able to visit the city as well as catch some new Pokemon at the same time.

If you want to learn a little bit more about things to do in Olympia or where you may want to try checking out for more Pokemon, be sure to visit our website to learn more.

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