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Finding Wholesome Fun: 5 Family Friendly Things to Do in Ocean Shores, WA

Horseback Riding in ocean shores wa

Getting ready to take the kids on a vacation and need to find family friendly things to do in Ocean Shores?

With great restaurants and plenty of fun activities, there are so many things to do in Ocean Shores, WA, you’ll want to be sure to spend some time there.

The state of Washington is full of natural beauty. So put your kids’ devices away and introduce them to some of the wonders the state has to offer.

5 Things to Do in Ocean Shores, WA Your Kids Will Love

Three activities on our list involve getting out into the great outdoors. And there’s a lot for the eyes to feast upon in Washington.

But the two others are feasts for different senses.

1. Go Horseback Riding

Whether you’re brand spanking new to horseback riding or a seasoned equestrian, you can find some wonderful horseback riding along the beaches at Ocean Shores.

There are stables that have tour guides who will take your family on a ride along the beach. They’ll also teach your kids all about horse care, from riding to feeding to grooming. And for the smaller children who don’t feel as secure, there are supervised indoor and outdoor arenas. 

For the more seasoned riders, Ocean Shores also offers Chenois Creek horse rentals to take on your own unguided ride along the beach. 

2. Sugar up at Murphy’s Candy & Ice Cream

What kid doesn’t like candy and ice cream? (Or at least one of them!)

Okay, so you probably don’t want to load your kids up on too much sugar. But they’ll be taken by the entire wall of saltwater taffy in a wide array of colors. And the taffy is available for purchase by the bucket!

Murphy’s also boasts a wide variety of amazing ice cream flavors that are perfectly nestled in their delicious waffle cones.

And since the establishment is right near the ocean, it’s a great place to stop at before or after your beach adventures.

3. Watch for Whales

Even if you live near the ocean, there’s a good chance you’re not getting an eyeful of whales swimming by.

But since this part of the Pacific is a regular travel route for whales, it offers the opportunity for your kids to see these majestic creatures. So be sure to book a space with either Westport Whale Watch or Advantage Charters for a fun family friendly thing to do in Ocean Shores. 

4. Check out The North Jetty

There’s something magical about poking around the ocean shore and looking at all the little (and not so little) creatures. 

The North Jetty provides just that. In spite of the name, this protrusion is actually the farthest south you can go in Ocean Shores. And because of the way it juts out into the water, it’s a great place to find crabs hiding under rocks and colorful starfish in the crashing waves.

As always, do not put yourself in harms way. The waters of Ocean Shores are very powerful, and shifting tides can leave you stranded! Make sure to stay in groups, and be aware of the tide charts when exploring the beaches.

5. Drop in to a Family Friendly Fun Center

Okay. Some days the kids just want to be kids and get a little wild.

So if you happen upon one of those days, take them to Pacific Paradise or Playtime Family Fun.

Both of these centers are all about family fun with arcades, miniature golf, and go-karts. They are a great way to help your kids get rid of that excess energy! 

Take in the Wonders of Washington

With so many interesting family friendly things to do in Ocean Shores, WA, your kids are sure to find something they’ll love. 

And you’ll be giving them a vacation they’ll never forget.

So if you’re planning a trip to Ocean Shores, check out our concierge page. We’ll make your experience in Ocean Shores the best it can be.

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