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Fun Things to Do This Summer in Seattle

A summertime trip to Seattle is just what you need this year to make the most of the warm sunny weather. Summer is one of the best times to explore Seattle as you don’t have to worry about layering yourself and restricting yourself from taking part in activities due to the extreme cold. This urban center has more in store for you than you know. From sightseeing and exploring famous eateries to embracing Seattle’s nature spots, there’s a lot to do. To give you some inspiration as to how you can spend your summer, here are the top 10 fun things you can do this summer in Seattle.

1. Shopping At the Pike Place Market

Starting your summer morning at the historic Pike Place Market is the way to go with it if you’re a fan of sampling different kinds of fish, and of course, the famous lavender shortbread. The Pike Place Market is one of the most cultural and touristy landmarks in Seattle, where you can find some of the best local seafood. You also get a chance to capture some cool clicks of famous fishmongers who throw fish at people who pass by. You might want to visit the place on an empty stomach and sample your way to a tummy full of delicious treats.

2. Ferry Your Way Through Seattle

Instead of exploring on land, you can now enjoy your summer on the sea by taking a ride on the ferry. It’s not every day that you get a chance to ride a ferry and take in Seattle’s beautiful view. The ferry is a stable means of transportation in the Pacific Northwest. This way, you can witness Settle’s fantastic sights and adore the famous blue skyline. You can even get off on different spots to grab a bite and then hop back in.

3. Explore the Seattle Waterfront

What’s the one thing that all tourists want to try out in Seattle? Visiting the Waterfront, of course! There are a lot of fun things you can do here, like taking a ride on the 175 feet tall Seattle Great Wheel, dining at Anthony’s Pier 66m, stopping by the Ye Olde Curiosity Shop and visiting some mummies, and plenty of other fun things. You can even wander around the area and take in the different sights and smells. It’s the perfect place to visit in the evening and will add a memorable aspect to your summer this year.

4. Have a BBQ at the Carkeek Park Beach

The perfect summer night is when you have a BBQ with your loved ones at a nice comfy spot like the Carkeek Park beach in Seattle. This site is a perfect place to spend time with family and friends and engage them in other activities as well.  Besides the beach, there’s a lot more to explore at Carkeek Park, such as the forest, wetlands, and meadows. You can also go for a hike and swim with your little ones at the beach. This is a safe and fun place for family and friends, and you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on a chance to spend a lovely summer day here.

5. Row a Boat at the Union Bay

If you want to try out something unique and fun this summer, a trip to Union Bay in a boat or canoe will quench your thirst for adventure. There’s a lot you will witness while boating your way through Union Bay, such as great blue heron, bald eagles, lily pads, and lots more. You will also get a chance to boat under the 520 that passes by marshland. You’ll never forget what it feels like to boat under the bridge. Make sure to rent a boat, canoe, or kayak for an hour and explore the natural aesthetic of Union Bay with your favorite person!

6. Go Paddling Along the Puget Sound

Get the best of on-water touring by paddling along the Puget Sound. Paddling is a fun sport and gets even better when you get to discover new sights in Seattle, along with the creative houseboats lined up on the coastline. You will get to do all of this on a stand-up paddleboat, which makes for an awesome experience. After all, who would miss out on riding a stand-up paddleboard? That’s right, no one! So why not experience this unique sport this summer in Seattle?

7. Play Bubble Soccer!

Relive your soccer team days and add a unique touch to it by playing bubble soccer. This innovative game is a unique take on the traditional as you’re literally encased in a beach ball that makes you bump into each other. It’s a fun way to spend time with your friends and families and has a competitive game to start the summers on a good note.

8. Face Your Fears at Woodinville’s Adventura Aerial Adventure Park

Visit the aerial adventure park in Woodinville for this summer’s dose of thrill and excitement. From traversing ropes through the tea tops to visiting local wineries, there is a lot to do here. This park welcomes all kids and adults, but don’t be fooled: this is where you will find yourself doing things you never imagined you would do. You will have to make advance bookings as this place is in high demand.

9. Go Hiking at the Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park

Need more ideas? Check out the Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park on the outskirts of Seattle. You will fall in love with the systematic Coal creek trail and the seasonal coal creek waterfalls. This is the perfect thing for you to do this summer if you want to find your way with nature again.

10. Visit The Seattle Art Museum Olympic Sculpture Park

If you’re an art lover, you will definitely fall in love with the Seattle art museum’s Olympic sculpture park. This is located at a public park where you will come across some amazing sculptures and also get a mesmerizing view of Elliot Bay and the Olympic Mountains.


If you plan to visit Seattle this summer or are already living there, these summer activities mentioned above should be on your list! Never underestimate Seattle as this urban center has lots to offer, and it will only make you fall in love with the city even more. To learn more about Seattle, visit

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