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Strange Seattle: 7 Unique Things Near Bellevue To Do

Seattle waterfront and skyline - Unique things near Seattle to do

Seattle is well known around the world as for it’s eccentric style and cultural scene. It’s also a burgeoning tech hub, seeing growth in just about every other industry. Whether you’re here for work or for a vacation, there is a lot to see from the Space Needle to Pike’s Place Market or a Seattle Storm WNBA game. But if you want to get off the beaten path, you should look for some of the more unique things near Seattle to check out.

For people who want to avoid the crowds, getting off the main path can be a relief. The added bonus is that next time you end up in Seattle with family or friends, you can show them something cool and sound like a local.

To get a taste of some of the more unique things near Seattle, check out these 7 sites.

1. Archie McPhee

If you like to check out cute novelty shops, see what Seattle has to offer. Archie McPhee has every kind of gift you need for holidays or for fun.

Have you ever thought about getting a unicorn horn for your cat or a mustache for your baby? Well, Archie McPhee has it. Browse their aisles for hours and you’ll see products you’d never even imagined.

Even if you’re not into novelty shopping, it’s a great place to browse for the fun of it. Dive into the weirdness and more bacon products than you could ever fit under a single roof.

2. Fremont Troll

This is one of the many great free things to see in Seattle. Legend has it the Fremont Troll lives underneath the Aurora Bridge, on the north end near N 36th Street.

It was created by a group of artists in 1990. The troll is made of steel rebar, concrete, wire, hubcaps, and an old Volkswagen Beetle.

The troll has been guarding the bridge for a quarter century and will likely still be there when we’re all gone.

3. Shoe Museum At Pike’s Place

Don’t expect an actual museum when you arrive. This giant shoe is actually part of an old traveling show. For a few cents, you can see a shoe that was once worn by the world’s tallest man.

You’ll see some other oddities and strange shoe related objects. Expect something off-beat and kitschy and you won’t be disappointed. It’s one of the great locations of vintage charm and unique things near Seattle.

4. Vashon Island Bike Tree

If you’re making a trek to Vashon Island, look up. While wandering through the forest, you’re likely to see a bike that’s going through the middle of a tree. This is truly one of the unique things near Seattle that you won’t find on many tour guides.

Locals all have stories about how the bike got there, but good luck getting a straight answer. Some say that the bike was chained to the tree by a young soldier before he headed off to war.

Other people say that the bike was intentionally grown through the middle of the tree.

The common thread is that no one put the bike there on purpose. Closer to the truth is the story about a boy who left their bike behind and over time, a tree just grew through it.

No matter what you believe, there the bike sits, in the middle of the tree. You’ll have to see it to believe it.

5. Lenin Does Fremont

One of the stranger socio-political objects in the city of Seattle has to be the 16-foot high statue of Vladimir Lenin. It was created by a Bulgarian sculptor who built it as an element of the Communist propaganda machine.

While working in Slovakia, a local Seattle resident named Lewis Carpenter found the statue ready to be destroyed. Feeling like it would be a waste of the sculptor’s work, he bought the statue and spent the cash to get it shipped. It took a lot of effort to get the statue in the country.

Carpenter, unfortunately, passed before the statue was ever erected in the US. thankfully his family made a goal of getting it up and now it stands in Fremont.

If you’re looking for unique things near Seattle and have a love for Communist history, you’ll love this oddity.

6. Karaoke at Rock Box

Are you in town with old friends or looking for a bonding experience with co-workers after a long week of a conference? One of the best ways to shake off inhibitions is to engage in the mutual embarrassment of karaoke.

At $4-$7 per hour, per person, it’s a heck of a deal for a memorable night of entertainment. Be sure to call ahead to make sure something is available.

If you’ve got a group of 35 or more, you can book the party room and make it an all-out wild night of showmanship with your group.

7. Ye Olde Curiosity Shop

Along the tourist-heavy strip of Seattle’s waterfront, you might not expect to find anything interesting at all. Lucky for you, there’s Ye Old Curiosity Shop.

It’s another novelty shop selling curious items and Seattle souvenirs. You’ll also find interesting items placed in the style of a museum.

There are narwhal tusks, totem poles, and a couple of mummies. The mummies, named Sylvester and Sylvia, were found in Central America.

They were well preserved, so well preserved that the University of Washington has run studies on them. Sylvester was preserved with a special solution. Whoever mummified him used an arsenic solution hoping that he would one day be discovered.

There’s a Long List of Unique Things Near Seattle!

If you’re a nature buff, you’re going to find all kinds of interesting things to do in the Seattle area. Whether you want to walk along the waterfront or hit the nearby Old Growth Forest, you’ll find no shortage of great sights.

If you’re still looking for unique things near Seattle, contact us for more tips.

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