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Why Portland Roasting Coffee is So Good

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Portlandia, you probably think that Portland is a pretty weird place. Well, you’re right.

The unofficial slogan of Portland is “Keep Portland Weird.” There’s no shortage of weirdness and there’s no shortage of coffee shops in Portland. Which makes sense, too, because it’s also known to be a home of hipsters.

Where hipsters gather, good coffee is bound to be nearby. Of all the places to go and things to do in Portland, make sure Portland Roasting Coffee is on your list.

Why You Need to go to Portland Roasting Coffee, ASAP

You’ll be hard pressed to find a better coffee or a better deals (for what you get) anywhere in the county.

One great thing about Portland is it has no sales tax.

That’s right. The price you see is the price you get. For anyone who lives in a heavily taxed state, that alone is enough of a reason to take a trip.

Whether you’re wanting a cup of coffee to sit and enjoy now or coffee to take home for later Portland Roasting Coffee has you covered.

A wide variety of blends and roasts are available to satisfy even the most finicky of connoisseurs and are offered in bags and pods for at home coffee machines.

They’ve Got History

Portland Roasting Coffee has been brewing up a cup of joe since 1996. Their mission since the beginning is to have strong relationships with their customers and their suppliers.

They’ve used the years to fine-tune and develop the perfect cup of coffee from places like Huehuetenango, Guatemala. They bring it across the world for you to enjoy as you take in the cozy atmosphere of their cafes.

They Only Buy the Best

At Portland Roasting Coffee, they work hard to purchase the best beans. Every coffee shop seems to say that. But they actually know the stories behind the people they’re buying from.

They want their business to be rooted in relationships, and they’ve been growing those relationships with the people who are growing their beans. The value is placed on the local community, farmers, and the customer.

Their first direct trade shipment began with Finca El Paternal in Guatemala. Over the years they’ve brought business to companies that were in need, and have established a customer base that values this need.

By purchasing coffee from Portland Roasting Coffee, you’re helping support projects all around the world. They partner with Portland Global Initiatives to bring awareness about the global water crisis. They also work to give money to water wells in African communities.

They encourage local community participation to help provide clean water and basic sanitation to these countries and other areas that have a pressing need.

They’ve placed water wells in East Africa, planted trees for shade in El Salvador, and given supplies to an Orphanage in Sumatra all thanks to the business that people give them.

The Reviews Have it

People who try it love it. And you know when people in Portland love coffee, it’s gotta be good.

Customers say you can’t beat the freshness of the coffee you find at Portland Roasting Coffee. And for people in Portland to be saying that is a pretty big point of praise.

Not only do they have a mean cup of coffee, you’ll also be able to enjoy delicious food and pastries to go along with it. Basically, you can spend your entire day there and not have to leave because they have everything you’d need.

The coffee has been described as smooth, crisp, and fresh. A place where real coffee purists will be satisfied, which, again, is saying a lot.

Reviewers also mention that this is not somewhere where you’ll find your typical Starbucks mixed drinks. If you like coffee and pour overs with rotating specialty drinks to choose from, you’ve found your heaven.

It’s a great place to get work done and take an Instagram picture of the beautiful latte art.

Did we mention they also have beer and wine? You can manage your uppers and your downers respectively.

You Can Feel Good About Your Purchase

At Portland Roasting Coffee Company, their mission is to create a great cup of coffee. But it’s also to create a positive human connection, all through building their business in a socially responsible way.

They’re highly dedicated to decreasing their impact on the environment. Since 2007, they’ve been able to maintain carbon neutrality. That means that they offset their carbon emissions and have a new zero carbon footprint.

They compost their organic waste, which amounts to a thousand pounds each month. They give the chaff waste from roasting their beans to farmers that can use it, and donate burlap bags.

They also plan to purchase a heat recovery generator. This generator captures the heat of industrial processes – which includes roasting coffee.

The heating is applied to a closed system by the generator. The heat waste is then converted into electricity. That electricity is enough to power the entire operation of Portland Roasting Coffee.

You can even take a look at their sustainability report so you know exactly what’s going on with their initiatives.

Take a Trip

No bucket list is complete unless you take a trip down to Portland Roasting Coffee. Now you just need to book your plane or train ticket to Portland. Or hop in your car and take a road trip, depending on where you live.

If you want to take a trip to a city with endless amounts of places to see and events to attend, then this is the place for you. You’ll give the city extra bonus points if you’re vegan, because they’ve got a whole slew of yummy options made just for you.

Follow Clever Neighbor Portland on Instagram to learn everything you need to know about Portland before your trip. You won’t just be a tourist, you’ll be an informed tourist. And you won’t miss a beat of what this weird city has to offer.

There should be nothing stopping you from making your way over to Portland to see some new sights and sip some top notch coffee.

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