7 Spokane Events You Can’t Miss

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If you’re looking for fun things to do in Spokane, you’re in luck.

Are you looking for something to do over Labor Day? An art fest in Spokane? Festivals? All of these things, as well as a rich history packed with unique experiences, can be found in this small city.

Maybe Spokane isn’t the first city you think of to add to your PNW or Washington state to-do list. But you may find that changes after you learn all the fun things there are to do here.

Whether you are visiting Spokane for labor day weekend or coming at a different time of year, you will find plenty of fun things to do.

Here are 7 of the best Spokane events you can attend. By its conclusion, you may just be ready to make this trip every year!

#1. Spokane Hoopsfest

Hosted each year at the end of July, Spokane Hoopfest is an annual 3-on-3 basketball tournament held. It is the largest event of it’s kind, making it an exciting event that maintains a “niche” feel.

The Hoopsfest event has drawn upwards of 27,000 players, and in 2011, had over 7,000 teams registered for the event. Clearly, people in Spokane love their hoops, and even more enjoy watching the event take place!

Participation in Hoopfest ranges from watching, to volunteering, to participating in the actual competition. Think you have what it takes? Here are the official rules for competing in the tournament.

#2. World-Class Wine Tasting

Who says Spokane can’t be home to great tasting wine? No one, and if they do, they are misinformed. Spokane is actually a fantastic place for tasting wines, experiencing new things, and learning about the region.

The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the finest grown grapes in the entire country, and Spokane wineries feature them in their drink. From tasting rooms to wine cellars, to being served by experienced sommeliers, you can find anything wine-related you’re looking for here.

For example, Barrister Winery offers enough cool scenery and finely aged wines to make any trip memorable.

#3. Spokane County Interstate Fair

If you’re looking for Spokane Labor Day weekend events, look no further than the annual county fair. In the realm of Spokane riverfront park events, you won’t find a more popular or well perceived fair in the area.

A ten-day event beginning each year after Labor day, locals come together to put on exhibits containing arts, crafts, food preservation, livestock, and more. The fair is said to generate about $7m annually for the greater Spokane area, which means you are also helping support local small businesses and vendors.

The event promotes family-oriented entertainment and hosts events that are kid-friendly throughout its 10-day setup. This is an event you won’t want to miss.

#4. Musicfest Northwest

Held in May each year, the Musicfest Northwest event is one of the many Spokane festivals locals and tourists enjoy.

They label it as a part-learning, part competitive experience all about celebrating the art of performance. Entrants may earn medals, cash awards and performance opportunities on radio and in evening concerts. And as an added incentive, young artist Division winners perform with the Spokane Symphony.

The bulletin, as well as changes for 2018, can be found here for anyone interested in attending the event.

#5. Bloomsday Run

Looking for something in Spokane to stay fit? Look no further than the Lilac Bloomsday Run.

Each year, approximately 50,000 runners toe the starting line, making it one of the largest races in the Pacific Northwest each year.

The race has been held annually since 1977 on the first Sunday of each May. Because there are so many events in May, this race can be either a fun fitness challenge to keep your trip going, or be the sole reason you visit Spokane. The race is 12km (about 7 miles), so you may need to train a bit before participating.

For race information and to read previous year’s results, click here.

#6. Pig Out In The Park

Maybe you aren’t into the running scene, but instead looking to savor the local foods. This is the event for you! Labeled as a food and music festival, Pig Out In The Park is perfect for your end of summer or labor day weekend activities in Spokane.

Some fun “statistics” from Pig Out In The Park include:

  • 47 food booths
  • 225 menu items
  • 3 adult beverage gardens
  • 3 separate concerts on 3 different stages

Time-sensitive events like happy hours, local artists performances, and more are scheduled throughout the day, as well as large markets featuring many tasty local vendors eager to show off their foods. For anyone with an appetite, this is a Spokane event worth being there for.

Want to learn more? The event layout can be found here to give you a better idea.

#7. Torchlight Parade

Another event to add to the plethora of Spokane festivals in May, the Torchlight Parade celebrates America’s armed forces. Whether you are there to support the military, or just love American history, this event is as educational as it is social.

Their mission is “honoring our military, empowering our youth, and showcasing our region”, and the event has taken place annually since 1938. They expect an annual crowd of about 215,000, with 150,000 spectators watching the parade take place.

For those looking to do something unique while visiting Spokane, this is a good option.

Wrap-Up on Spokane Events

Spokane may not be the biggest city on the map, but the annual events and festivals held here certainly make it a place worth considering. Whether you are interested in the arts, food, fitness, or history, there is an event for each guest looking to visit the city.

If you’re looking for food or music, consider events like Pig Out In The Park, Musicfest Northwest, or the Spokane County Interstate Fair.

For sport or fitness related events, be sure to check out the legendary Hoopsfest. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a race to test your mettle and endurance in the PNW, check out the massive Lilac Bloomsday Race.

If you have questions or want to learn more about what Spokane has to offer, feel free to contact us.

Enjoy the city and all these wonderful events!

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