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Roller Derby Madness Returns!

Roller Derby

It’s fast, it’s furious but it has nothing to do with cars. Spinning wheels for sure but the only engines running at Roller Valley are powered by rage and an intense competitive spirit. After an extended time away from the oval due to Covid 19, The Lilac City Roller Derby is back in action.

Roller Derby has a rich history, and the Spokane Sass are writing their own chapter in the book of Derby madness. Founded in 2006 this team has seen many skaters and has competed against other teams in the Pacific Northwest. The Sass compete in the WFTDA or Women’s Flat Track Derby Association; this organization is an international league hosting teams from all over the world. Check out the logos from the various leagues – they’re as colorful as the skaters that they represent.

Watching roller derby is just fun. The skaters are more than just athletes but entertainers as well. With names like Kurt Copain, it’s easy to see that you’re in for some high-speed bruising. Just no illegal forearms please.

With a fast-paced game and hand signals determining when play stops, it can sometimes be hard to keep up with the sport. However, with constant banter and explanations from the announcer it’s fun and educational. The announcers are knowledgeable about the sport and share that information to derby novices in the audience such as me.

As music blares, the skaters make their mark. As soon as the whistle blows there’s a flurry of activity as the jammers try to make their way around the pack to score as many points as possible during each jam. Scoring sounds easy until you find out just how tough it is to make it past “Calcuslayer”… she took no prisoners.

Roller Derby-1

The derby is fun for the whole family and is a very inclusive environment filled with fun and a few bumps along the way. The league is always looking for new skaters and volunteers.  And if lacing them up isn’t for you, the fan experience is a blast. It’s an intense and competitive environment that is second to none.

As the temperatures continue to plummet outside, remember that the action is “en fuego” inside Roller Valley. You can find the team schedule here.

And don’t forget, don’t mess with Calcuslayer.

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