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A Gem Is Discovered In Puyallup As Arista Reopens

It would seem that Puyallup has a hidden gem of a restaurant in Ben Herreid’s Arista. A restaurant so intriguing, that restaurant owners rallied around it this week to say, “You will not close!”

Arista offers fresh pasta that is made in-house, and is a proponent of a “farm-to-table” approach. One such dish is their Pumpkin Ravioli, featuring locally sourced pumpkins and foraged Chanterelle mushrooms. They have a diverse selection of wine, including a chianti by the glass, and feature dessert from local bakeries.

Arista has 4.5 stars on Yelp, with gushing reviews. If you are looking for a spot to relax and a be served with food from the heart of a passionate, friendly chef, then find yourself in Arista in the near future, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Arista offers a Farm to Table approach and diverse selection of wine.

“The amazing community of Puyallup has reached out! In short we made a decision off of what appeared to be an amazing opportunity to open Roast House in Parkland which has brought on a huge financial burden due to an unforeseen situation. Due to that situation we made a premature emotional decision to close however we apologize for the premature decision to close today. I am passionate about my restaurant. This is my love. We ask you for your support as we open tomorrow and purely focus on doing what Puyallup has proven to us that they love and appreciate in Arista. We ask for your support…we will be open for dinner tomorrow. Please come support us tomorrow!!”  

– Ben Herreid (Chef & Owner of Arista in Puyallup) from Arista’s Facebook page


Head Chef Ben Herreid with Bryan Reynolds of Anthem Coffee

Chef and Owner Ben Herreid (on the right) talks shop with Bryan Reynolds of Anthem Coffee.


Something To Consider:

Just across Pioneer Avenue is Anthem Coffee, where you can enjoy an espresso, beer or wine, before or after your meal.

Maybe take a walk through Pioneer Park, or peruse the books at the Puyallup Public Library before your meal.


Arista Menu

Make Your Own Pasta at Home:

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