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7 Farms to See in Bellingham, Washington

A woman at a farmer’s market.

They say when you have a problem you can’t quite find a solution to, you should turn to nature for guidance and the answer will appear.

Bellingham is one of the cities with many options for bonding with nature through outdoor activities and it’s been on many outdoorsy people’s “Best of” lists for quite some time. One fun thing to do in this enchanting city is to visit the farms that have interesting methods of producing the healthiest and tastiest that nature can offer. Here’s a suggestion of 7 farms to see in Bellingham, Washington, if you are into healthy food and meat.

At Boxx Berry Farm, You Will Pick The Berries Yourself

Boxx Berry Farm is heaven for people that enjoy eating berries. Most people that regularly visit this place claim you can’t find tastier berries than the ones you pick there. When you arrive, you will first see a cute store selling fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables, homemade jams, sauces, fruit syrups and even ice cream cones. But beyond the store, there are large fields where you can pick what you want to buy, making it the freshest purchase you can make. Bring your containers or don’t; it’s up to you. You will surely be served a fresh and tasty bucket of natural products, a relaxing day and a time to remember.

Matheson Farms Is Where The Highest Quality Meat Comes From

Have you ever eaten a good steak and wondered what makes that meat so much better than the rest? The answer may lie in a different approach to treating the cattle. Meat that comes from animals that had a stress-free life and that were fed more naturally is much healthier and tastier. That is precisely what you will find on this farm. It has been run following the holistic principles of the Matheson family since its founding. Today, Sandra Matheson is in charge. A retired veterinarian and certified educator in holistic management, Sandra surely knows what it takes to produce the most delicious meat possible.

Alluvial Farms Is One Of The Farms To See In Bellingham, Washington

A close-up of a boar.
One of the farms to see in Bellingham are the Alluvial Farms, where you will be able to witness sustainable farming methods.

Speaking of high-quality meat, another place that immediately comes to mind is the Alluvial Farms. This unique estate does all in harmony with the environment. Their goal is primarily to produce healthy pork, sustainably. They began developing sustainable hog farming in 2016, and they’ve been producing local goods for Bellingham families ever since. Today, their farm is much larger, the sustainable methods more present and the hogs’ diet organic. Simply speaking, it’s the best pork you’ve tried in your life! Visiting this farm will be tasty and provide great insights into the green methods of doing this type of business.

Green Mountain Farm Is A Farm Of Choice For All Blueberry Fans

An endless blueberry field run by those that strongly believe there is still goodness and honor in people – that’s what Green Mountain Farm is. If you like blueberries and a relaxing atmosphere, get your bucket and head there. The smiling face of the owner that will entrust you with weighing and paying for what you picked will make you believe there’s still hope for this world. And best of all – eating directly off the bushes is not forbidden. In fact, they encourage it! In case this and other nature-bonding activities makes you wish to move to this area, you’re in luck. Experts from Affordable Reliable Moving Company advise hiring someone trustworthy to help with the relocation, and you will be able to enjoy the Bellingham area sooner than you think.

A bowl full of blueberries amidst the pile of blueberries
Blueberry fans must visit Green Mountain Farms, which is heaven for this type of fruit.

Go To Ten Fold Farm If You Want Products Without The Toxic Chemicals

We all know the toxicity of all those chemicals the food producers use to make their products bigger and nicer and to rid them of pests. Unfortunately, sticking to healthy methods exclusively in agriculture is relatively expensive. But that isn’t stopping the owners of Ten Fold Farm from growing more than 120 varieties of Heirloom fruit, herbs and vegetables 100% naturally. They do not use chemical pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides or fungicides. You can find all the products from this farm at the farmer’s market in Bellingham, but seeing their growth process is very interesting and educational.

Bee Bluff Farm Produces Fruit And Veggies With Assistance From Bees And Chickens

Here’s another farm that practices the natural growth of crops. In fact, they try to be in sync with nature as much as possible and to allow nature to help them get to the most delicious fruit and veggies the soil would allow. They have free-roaming chickens that provide healthy eggs and also assist in fertilizing the soil.

Several free-roaming chickens and a rooster can be seen at Bee Bluff Farms, one of the farms to see in Bellingham
At Bee Bluff Farm,s the free-roaming chickens produce healthy eggs and help fertilize the soil.

 Also, they keep the bees and provide them with a beautiful field of wildflowers. In return, the bees go to the Bee Bluff Farm orchard and help the trees to produce apples, pears, berries and cherries of exquisite taste. All in all, it’s a farm that operates in harmony with nature, and nature blesses it with the best fruits and veggies out there.

Bellewood Farms Distillery Is An Apple Heaven With An Alcoholic Twist To It

A 20-minute drive from Bellingham will bring you to a truly unique place where you will have a great time – the Bellewood Farms Distillery. They grow various types of delicious apples you can sample. Within the farm, premises is the Artisan Distillery, where they produce award-winning spirits. If you get tired or want a cup of coffee and a decent breakfast or lunch, you can relax in the Bellewood Café. The offer is quite good, so don’t miss it.

Final Thoughts

These 7 farms to see in Bellingham will make your day and fill your stomach, as well as your refrigerator. Also, you will witness some of the finest agricultural methods. These farms produce products that are not only tasty but also very healthy. Therefore, there are so many reasons to visit them. But a warning – once you try the fantastic gifts of nature coming from some of these farms, you will likely never want to settle for a lesser quality.

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