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Tacoma Bakery – Dolce Si

Dolce Si Bakery Cakes

The Legend of the Great Italian Tacoma Bakery Exists.  And it’s called Dolce Si.

“Cake… nah, I will pass.”  This is my normal response to most cakes. I’m just not a cake person, or so I’ve told myself. Well back the train up! OMG, did we ever stumble across a Tacoma bakery worth writing about. Not since I was in Europe have I experienced a cake quite like this.

“Where?” you say.

Tacoma’s own, Dolce Sí Sicilian Bakery and Cafe. This little Tacoma Bakery is located at Point Ruston (if you’ve not heard of Point Ruston, you have to visit this page) Dolce Sí is out of control good. It feels like you’re walking into a real Sicilian bakery. The colors, the smells, the food. Wow!

Yep, and it’s in Tacoma…. Oh Tacoma, I am so proud of you. Growing up to be such a wonderful little city (tear being shed).

Add this to the list of things to do in Tacoma!


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