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Movies in Olympia, WA: Reviewing Movie Theaters in the Olympia Area

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We all know how stunning the nature and scenery in Olympia is already, and given our short summers, we would certainly recommend you to spend your time outside. But what about those rainy days? Or when your muscles are sore and tired from hiking and biking?

We would recommend the next best thing–grabbing a nice meal and then heading to the movies in Olympia, Wa. Luckily for you, there are no shortages of theaters here in Olympia to catch the latest flicks. Whether you’re new to the area or you’re just getting tired of going to the same movie theater over and over, here are 10 worthy cinemas for you to check out in Olympia.

Top 10 Theaters to Watch Movies in Olympia, Wa

Whether you like your movie theaters shiny and sleek or with personality and history, we’ve got a theater for everyone on this list. Check it!

1. Yelm Cinemas

Located in Prairie Park, Yelm Cinemas is a local favorite as well as an out-of-towner favorite. And we can definitely see why. With its snazzy soft-leather reclining seats, unlimited soda refills, AND bottomless popcorn bar, it’s easy to see why folks drive from miles to get here! The only problem you’ll have here is getting up at the end of the movie and wanting to go anywhere else ever.

2. Century Theatres

Not too far outside of Seattle is Century theatre. It is located inside The Commons mall in Federal Way, which comes with its own advantages. For example, there are plenty of restaurants nearby to choose from (perfect for date night) and there is plenty of free parking.

To top it off, this theater also has leather reclining seats with foot-rest. Just don’t forget to reserve your seats before you go as it can get crowded at times.

3. The Grand Cinema

Looking for a movie theater with a more artsy and indie feel?

Then look no more! The Grand Cinema, or better known as “the Grand” is your destination.

Located in Tacoma, this neighborhood gem is partially staffed with super courteous volunteers and plays non-mainstream films that you won’t find in major theaters.

If you’re a member, you’re also eligible for discounted tickets, free popcorn, and more!

4. The Blue Mouse Theater

An ultra family-friendly theatre, the Blue Mouse Theater has style, personality, and charm that will make it enjoyable for everyone in the family. If you are a fan of classic films such as the Rocky Horror Picture Show, then this is a must-visit for you because they play it almost every weekend at midnight. For an even more nostalgic experience, try coming here in your PJs with your family!

5. AMC Lakewood Mall 12

What better way is there to relax after shopping than to enjoy a nice movie?

If you’re in town or nearby, then may we suggest the AMC theater in Lakewood Mall 12? For $10, you can reserve your own reclining seat, get your beverages from machines that look like they came from the future, and forget the world for a few hours.

Pro tip: if you catch a matinee show, your tickets will only be $6.

6. Regal Cinemas Auburn 17

How do $5 movies sound? In this theater, you can–all day, every Tuesday! But don’t just come here for the deals, come here for the ultra comfy seats, the clear and crisp sound systems, and the cool games in the lobby.

If you want a clean theater that’s no fuss and no muss and delivers exactly what it says, then this is your theater.

7. Olympic Club Theater

If you want the ultimate dinner, movie, and bar experience, then go here. The Olympic Club Theater is a one of kind with its history, rugged feel, and wooden construction. It makes you feel connected with Washington state.

Also, since the theater uses a wood burning stove, it adds an extra comfy and homey vibe to the environment. If you want more, this theater also features live bands and musicians every week.

8. Roxy Theater

A little farther out than most of the theaters on this list but if you find yourself near here, we promise you’ll like the Roxy. Given its distance, the theater tends to be quieter than most theaters but all this means is fewer lines and more seats to choose from. Movie theatergoers also had plenty of nice things to say about the staff and service.

Heads up: the parking is streetside with a small parking lot but you can easily park in Eatonville and walk here within minutes.

9. Regal Cinemas Martin Village 16 & IMAX

You may or may not have been to this theater already since it’s located right in the heart of Olympia, but if you haven’t, it’s a great choice for any night. With its spacious interior, comfy recliner chairs, and premium arcade games in the hall, it’s a great place to come with the family or friends.

On weekends, this theater can get packed so make sure you buy your tickets before you come.

10. Skyline Drive-In Theater

Before we go, we have to include at least one drive-in theater and if you’ve never been to one, then you’re missing out! Come here with your family or friends to enjoy a fun night out or come here with a date to create a memorable experience.

Just make sure to come early to get the best parking spot in front of the screen, and if you want the best view, come after sundown. Food options include classic favorites such as burgers, pizza, hot dogs, and soda.

Grab Your Popcorn and Get Comfy

So, now that we’ve revealed to your our top 10 favorite places to watch movies in Olympia, Wa, how many have you been to? If there are any new ones, we hope you’ll go check them out.

Surprise your family after checking out one of these neighborhoods nearby one day, or grab a friend or date and go explore!

For more ideas of what to do in Olympia or if there’s a movie theater we miss, be sure to check us out on our blog and let us know!

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