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The Complete Guide To Bomber Jackets

Men's Bomber Jacket

No matter where you live, what you do for a living or what you want out of life, a man needs to be on top of his style.  And that style will almost always include a men’s bomber jacket.  

The clothing you wear is an outward sign of how you feel on the inside, so no matter your style, make sure it’s deliberate. When it comes to your style, a man with taste can never go wrong with a bomber jacket for men. 

A bomber jacket for men is a sleek symbol of masculinity, charm, and sophistication. You really can’t go wrong adding a few of these stylish jackets to your wardrobe. 

To learn a little bit more about buying one of these jackets and where to find one when searching for bomber jacket men, read on and apply the tips below as you shop around. 

What Characteristics Make A Bomber Jacket For Men So Awesome?

These jackets are known for the contrast between their tough exterior material — usually leather or sheepskin, and the interior wool or cotton lining. 

The style of a bomber jacket for men is low on flash but big on boldness. These jackets are incredibly warm and can serve you as a nice fall jacket or a piece that keeps you cozy during the winter. 

A bomber jacket for men has deep historical roots because it rose to popularity during the World Wars. 

Fighter pilots wore these jackets as part of the Royal Flying Corps in France and Belgium. The reason the jackets were popularized among fighter pilots is because they kept pilots warm while in the air.

Once World War II came around, fighter pilots once again donned these bomber jackets, but in a sleeker, more form-fitting updated version.

These jackets are incredibly comfortable, so you’ll be making a physical decision as much as a style choice.

Bomber jackets for men are also incredibly resistant to moisture, which means they’ll be durable and won’t suffer significant damage after rain. 

What Should I Know About Buying A Bomber Jacket?

Once you are ready to start shopping around for a bomber jacket, there are a few great tips you’ll want to follow. Consider these points below to get a great jacket at a great price. 

#1: Consider Going The Thrift Store Route

Since bomber jackets are classic items, you might be able to find some steals at the thrift store. 

Everyone wears bomber jackets, but imagine finding an authentic bomber from decades ago and paying 10 bucks for it. You’ll have access to a jacket that is made with stitching patterns and materials that are no longer in production. This way, your jacket is as much of an art piece as it is a fashion statement. 

Look into the fashionable thrifts stores in your area to scout out some jackets. Not only is this an eco-friendly decision, you’ll be able to get a beautiful jacket at rock bottom prices. 

#2: Look Into Offerings By Fashion Designers

While name brand isn’t everything, some fashion designers have gone above and beyond to give their take on the bomber jacket for men. 

For instance, labels like Gucci and Ralph Lauren have made their mark in fashion by offering fall bomber jackets.  Or less known brands like these:

When you buy from one of these designers, you can count on nothing but the best materials. 

People shy away from designer brands due to the price tag, but you really get what you pay for. By spending a little extra on a bomber jacket made with care and craftsmanship, you can count on it lasting for at least a few decades. 

Putting this kind of thought into a purchase is how you develop love for a certain piece that makes it a favorite. 

#3: Shop Around For A Deal

Anytime you are planning to buy a bomber, be sure that you learn the market and shop around. 

Consider catching some fall sales or specials, in order to save some serious money on this purchase. A little-known fact is that many clothing stores will price match their competition. The thing is, these stores have price matching policies in writing but generally won’t exercise the policy unless you request it. 

With this type of shopping power, you’ll be able to find a great jacket at an even better deal. 

#4: Make Sure To Focus On The Materials

Since bomber jackets are made in materials like leather, faux leather, and sheep skin, you’ll be able to buy what makes sense for you. 

Each material has its pros and cons, so look into how long they last and how you should take care of it. For instance, leather jackets for men should be spot treated with a damp cloth and you should use a fabric brush to get rid of lint and debris. 

Avoid throwing your jacket in the washing machine without reading the instructions on the tag. Your best bet is to take your bomber jacket to the dry cleaners, to make sure it’s handled with the best care. 

#5: Know Your Size And Return Policies

The key to getting the most of your bomber jacket is finding the perfect fit. 

Buy in sizes a little smaller than usual, since authentic military clothing generally fits bigger than other forms of apparel. Drop into a store to have an associate take your arm, shoulder and neck measurements. 

Though you know your size, you might wear the jacket for a while and realize it doesn’t fit as snugly as you’d like. This is why knowing the store return policy is so key. 

Keep your receipt and know these return policies in advance, so that you have the option to take it back if necessary. 

Find The Best Clothing Store

Now that you know about buying a bomber jacket for men, it’s time to decide which store you’d like to shop with. 

If you’re looking to save money and widen your options, consider an online store that sells bomber jackets in all sizes, styles and color schemes. Make sure to look into shipping times and look for discount codes when possible. 

While you’re at it, look into some accessories, such as men’s bootsmen’s pants or casual shoes  or accessories that will go well with the jacket. 

Take note of these points and start shopping for an awesome men’s bomber jacket today. 

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