The 10 Best Combat Boots For Men

The right pair of combat boots can make all the difference for an everyday outdoorsman as well as a military man.  

Choosing your boot can be a matter of comfort and durability as well as survival. You need something you can trust to offer the right support and last the extra mile, which is why we searched the market for top-notch combat boots for men.  

Here Are the 10 Best Combat Boots For Men

1. Under Armour Men’s Valsetz Boot

The brand known to “protect this house” went above and beyond with patented technologies to protect your feet.

The most stand-out feature is ArmourGuide foot-strike guidance. It keeps your foot properly aligned from lift to impact and everything in between – perfect for covering long distances in the field or out camping.

Additionally, AmourBound cushions your foot in a way no competitor can and AmourLastic gives extra protection to the heel and forefoot with strong shock absorption.

2. Nike SFB Field Leather Boots 

The need for speed is something Nike knows too well, which is why it added Nike Free running technology into its combat boots for men. 

This lightweight training boot is made of special soles and redefined laces, too. 

On the outside, “teeth” line the sole to better grip ropes and wet surfaces, if climbing is your thing. This also helps the boot shed mud and dirt more easily. 

The inner sole is perfect for high or regular arches in the foot and secures the ankle while you move about. For extra ankle support, there is a heel loop to wrap laces around the back of the boot. 

3. Danner Men’s Arcadia Uniform Boot

Danner is one of the pricier makers of combat boots for men, but they are worth every penny. 

Although completely breathable and lightweight, they offer the rugged support of even the heaviest work and combat boots. This is thanks to a full-grain leather upper and EVA foot bed.

The upper protects your feet in even the wettest conditions, like swampy areas or heavy rain. Plus, it is eight inches in height for a little extra protection on the calf.

Everything comes together with the proper foot bed for maximum support.

Keep in mind this is one of the lighter combat boots for men because there is no liner. It is great for everyday work and outdoor conditions in dry areas, but not the best choice if you plan to be in heavy snow or ice.   

4. Blackhawk Warrior Wear

For another full-leather upper with the durability and insulation to match, look no further than the Blackhawk Warrior Wear boot. 

You can trust these boots to keep your feet warm and dry as you go about your tasks. However, they are not made to be water resistant but watch your step in areas of high water and you will be fine. 

One of the biggest bonuses from purchasing this boot is being able to hit the ground running right away. The soles need almost no time to break in and hold up to long days on your feet. 

This is perfect for use in both high heat and bitter cold. 

5. Belleville One Xero

Belleville is back with one of the lightest combat boots for men available yet.

The sole of this boot is perfect for shock resistance during heavy lifting and uphill walking because it is a little more sturdy than the others listed. You can feel comfortable taking on any long distance with the support of a snug heel cup.  

This boot was made with agility and multi-use in mind, and still comes built to last. Not ideal for colder weather or rocky terrain, but the right match in desert excursions and training. 

6. Maelstrom Men’s Tac Force 8 Inch Zipper Boot

If you are headed to cold or wet climates, but would prefer to fend off the elements without the weight of a heavy boot, this Maelstrom is what you need. 

The boot is water-resistant and rubber-soled for ultimate comfort.

Rubber helps improve traction along slick surfaces while the leather and textile construction maintains comfort. The liner wicks moisture to keep your feet dry while properly insulating. 

In the event of an emergency, go for the zip-sides for easy on and off.

7. Bates Men’s Escalante Boot

Bates has constructed a true testament to both military and everyday combat boots for men. 

This model is the best of both worlds with an all-grain leather shell with waterproof design. Plus, the rubber sole is made to conquer wet climates or provide the best footing on your motorcycle. 

8. Diesel Men’s Tatradium Basket Butch Combat Boot

Diesel has taken combat boots for men and made them a fashion statement for when the work boots come off. 

This full-lace boot provides the ultimate comfort for a night out on the town or a casual hangout in the backyard.

Or, keep them as a rainy day alternative to your regular footwear. The rubber sole will match most styles while you walk down the street in safety of slipping. 

9. Polar Fox Men’s Combat Boots

What do you do when you have a morning meeting but want to have camp set up by sundown?

Throw on this pair of Polars. The leather combat design is made to conquer the elements and the concrete jungle. It is the perfect pair to have in your closet for multiple uses and events. 

10. Clarks Men’s Desert Mali Combat Boot

For the best comfort, go with Clarks. 

This is not the typical choice when talking about combat boots for men, but it is worth mentioning. What looks to the eye as a casual, short boot is actually designed for practical, durable wear.

The suede leather upper can hold its own during light rain and traditional laces keep your foot snug and secure. Plus, the inside is lined with sheepskin in order to protect the feet from building up moisture. 

Walk In Comfort and Style 

No matter if you are searching for the perfect boot to conquer the elements or something casual to stand out in the streets, there is something on this list for you. 

Stop waiting to upgrade your wardrobe. Check out our range of combat boots for men today!  

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