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Fun Travel Ideas for Newlyweds in the Pacific Northwest

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One of the most important parts of wedding planning is choosing a perfect honeymoon destination. Even though many people dream about endless sand beaches and tropical paradises, we’re here to change your mind by presenting fun travel ideas for newlyweds in the Pacific Northwest. Hopefully, we’ll be able to inspire you to at least consider visiting one of them with your loved one.

Why should you choose the Pacific Northwest?

Although there are great honeymoon destinations in the Pacific Northwest, it’s very underrated and often gets overlooked. Many people don’t decide to visit due to different weather stereotypes. However, you’ll be delighted to hear that summer is amazing! It brings lots of lovely sunny days that are not too hot.

On the other hand, if you enjoy sipping hot tea next to a fireplace in a warm cabin while looking at the falling snow, a winter honeymoon in the Pacific Northwest could be an ideal choice for you. Imagine how romantic it is to be driven in a horse-drawn carriage cuddled next to the love of your life? Well, you can do that and a lot more if you choose a honeymoon destination in the Pacific Northwest.

Our travel ideas for newlyweds in the Pacific Northwest

Now that you know why the Pacific Northwest is a good choice, let’s cut to the chase. Although there are so many romantic honeymoon getaways in the area, we’ve selected our top four:

● Seattle, Washington
● Leavenworth, Washington
● Victoria, Canada
● Willamette Valley wine country, Oregon

Further in this article, we’ll explain why each of them is an excellent destination for newlyweds. At the end of it, you’ll probably have a hard time picking just one.


When they think about Seattle, for most people, gray clouds and rain come to mind first. However, they couldn’t be more wrong. The Emerald City is absolutely lovely in the late spring, summer, and early autumn.

It is vibrant but, at the same time, a laid-back city which makes it an ideal place for a romantic getaway with plenty of fun things to do. Whether you enjoy nature walks and lovely views or love strolling around busy urban streets, Seattle has something for everyone.

Imagine how romantic it would be to have dinner on the top of the Space Needle tower while looking at the gorgeous Seattle skyline.

If you are looking for a place to celebrate your love romantically, nothing says romance more than a dinner at the rotating restaurant at the top of the Space Needle tower. Not only will you enjoy a stunning sunset and a gorgeous view of Seattle’s skyline, but you will also be able to try and enjoy some of the best Pacific Northwest deserts.


If you’re a fan of cold weather and idyllic winter scenery, Leavenworth could be your honeymoon choice. This small Bavarian village is located in Washington, although you could easily believe you’re in Germany while you’re there. If you’re a fan of Oktoberfest, attend one in Leavenworth as it’s one of the best in the world.

What used to be a dying railroad town is now a charming village. If you visit during winter, you can enjoy the view of snowed mountains surrounding it and even get a chance to pet a real reindeer. If you and your loved one enjoy the outdoors, there are plenty of fun activities you can do during summer or spring.

We strongly recommend visiting during Christmas. You’ll love walking in the snow and looking at gorgeous decorations and lights. On top of that, there are several fun holiday-themed events.

If you are looking for a secluded and idyllic place with stunning nature, Leavenworth is a perfect destination to choose for your honeymoon.

On the other hand, if you already live in Washington and want to explore more of the country, you might be considering relocating far away. Washington is truly one of the greatest states in the US, and moving could be really emotional and challenging. Luckily, if you are in for a relocation from the Evergreen State, you can make it easier by hiring professional interstate movers. They will help you handle the process with less stress and certainty that your belongings will be handled in the safest way.


Prepare for a cross-country trip, board your car on a ferry, and in no time, you’ll be in Victoria, Canada. Why? Because it might be an ideal destination for your honeymoon.

If you are a couple that enjoys adventures in nature, search no more. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking or biking. Victoria has scenery that will leave you speechless. Make sure to visit Mount Douglas Park and enjoy looking at the sunset over the Pacific coast.

Don’t think that Victoria is not for you if you love admiring nature only from the comfort of your hotel room. Quite the opposite – it has a thriving downtown with plenty of fun stuff to try.

Any architectural fan will enjoy strolling and looking at historical buildings. However, there are also many excellent authentic restaurants, different boutiques, and clubs where you can enjoy some great live music. No matter what you consider fun, there is definitely something for you in Victoria.

Willamette Valley wine country

If you and your spouse are true wine lovers, you should spend your honeymoon at Willamette Valley wine country. It’s home to two-thirds of Oregon’s wineries, and it’s one of the areas where premier Pinot noir is produced. Sounds like wine heaven, doesn’t it?

Enjoy tasting amazing wines and strolling through endless vineyards in Willamette Valley wine country.

However, not only will you be able to taste exquisite wine, but there are plenty of other fun things to do with your soulmate. Float in a hot air balloon and enjoy breathtaking views of the vineyards or, if you are not that adventurous, visit one of the lovely art galleries.

There are also many shopping opportunities and marvelous restaurants to check out. However, if your way of fun is being surrounded by nature, try biking or hiking while looking at the amazing scenery.

So which travel ideas for newlyweds in the Pacific Northwest will you choose?

We hope you enjoyed reading our selection of fun travel ideas for newlyweds in the Pacific Northwest and, more importantly, that we’ve helped you choose one to spend your first days as a married couple. Whichever destination you’ve chosen, you won’t regret it. We wish you a lovely honeymoon and many happy years together!

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