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Best Neighborhoods to live in Portland, OR

A bridge in Portland, OR

If you have decided to make Portland your hometown, congratulations are in order – you made a great choice. No matter what your lifestyle is or what you want it to be in the future, Portland is the right city for you. It is the city that manages to make a chic, young fashionista, a family of five with toddlers, and a retired teacher feel like they are right where they belong. Being the biggest city in Oregon, Portland has…

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Two girls exploring interesting getaway ideas in Oregon

5 Interesting Weekend Getaway Ideas in Oregon

Going away for a weekend can often be even more exciting than a long trip to a faraway destination. Weekend getaways are popular among couples who want some excitement after a long work week, families ready for some weekend…


Where to Find the Best Fall Dresses in Portland

Fall is here, and that means one thing: fall dresses! If you’re native of Portland or the Northwest, then you’re familiar with the cool weather. There are so many enjoyable activities to soak up the ambiance of fall. If…

free things to do in portland

Top 10 Free Things to Do in Portland

You don’t need a massive budget to enjoy Portland. This awesome city has fun things to do at every price point. Some are even free! “Are you saying I can visit Portland and not spend ANY money on attractions?”…