5 Interesting Weekend Getaway Ideas in Oregon

Two girls exploring interesting getaway ideas in Oregon

Going away for a weekend can often be even more exciting than a long trip to a faraway destination. Weekend getaways are popular among couples who want some excitement after a long work week, families ready for some weekend fun, and groups of friends getting together for an unforgettable time.

Whether you’re visiting Oregon for the first time or want to see it from a different perspective – we’ve got some great ideas for you. Here are the 5 interesting weekend getaway ideas in Oregon that you can plan quickly and enjoy to the fullest with your loved ones.

Why weekend getaways are something you should try

Many people feel that an actual vacation needs to be ten or more days long. It should happen once or twice a year, and it needs to be perfect. However, weekend getaways can give you so much more than you think in far less time. There are several reasons why you should start practicing this kind of fun with your partner, family, or your friends. Here are some of them:

  • Weekend trips don’t take away a lot of time or money but can be a massive refreshment to your hard-working, dull week;
  • Traveling for the weekend can help you strengthen the relationship with your partner, but also your kids or friends;
  • It’s a chance to travel on your own and focus on making yourself relaxed and content;
  • Weekend getaways don’t disturb your work, yet they give you a chance to explore new places and have fun;
  • Traveling on weekends is an excellent opportunity to meet new people and experience new things. It’s a great way to develop yourself socially without spending too much money, energy, and time.

What to do in Oregon – top ideas for a weekend getaway

Oregon has a lot to offer, and you would need a lot more time to truly experience this state’s amazing nature and spirit. Beautiful coastline, impressive mountains, top-rated wineries, and so much more. However, if you’ve got just a day or two to visit Oregon, we’ve prepared some options for you. Here’s the list of the top five interesting weekend getaway options in Oregon you can try out.


If you want to visit a historic place that shows the old spirit of Oregon – go to Astoria. This lovely port city has been a trading center for a long time, which gives the city a unique vibe. If you’ve got a weekend to spend here, you can go to Sunset Beach for some salty time at the ocean, have a beer in some of their local breweries, and visit their Sunday Market. Finally, we suggest you don’t miss sea lions sunbathing at the port – it’s surely a sight to see!

Mt. Hood

If you’re into nature and want a truly unique experience, don’t miss Mt. Hood. It’s located about 60 miles away from Portland, making it a perfect weekend getaway idea. You can visit in both summer and winter, depending on if you’re into hiking or different winter sports. But, whatever the season, don’t forget to see Mt. Hood’s lakes – Mirror and Trillium Lake. You can also camp or browse some of the multiple Airbnb’s in the area.

Cannon Beach and Spa weekend

If you’re more into a slower-paced weekend with your loved one, Cannon beach is the way to go. The reason why it’s one of the most interesting weekend getaway ideas in Oregon is that you can enjoy a full resort-like holiday just a short drive from Portland. You can visit Hallmark Resort and Spa for a luxury treatment, enjoy the beach and the views. Also, Arch Cape Inn and Retreat, located a bit further to the south, is a fantastic choice for romantic couples. Finally, while you’re in the area, don’t’ forget to visit the Public Coast Brewing for some fresh beer and Insomnia Company for an even fresher coffee in the morning before you head back home.

People hiking in the mountains
Love nature and hiking? Mt. Hood is one of the interesting weekend getaway ideas in Oregon.

Bend for nature lovers

A mountain lake
Choose a weekend getaway that will bring you excitement, fun, but also inner peace.

For those in search of a more active getaway, Bend is the right choice. It’s famous for its beautiful nature and amazing outdoor activities. There’s so much to do here – visit Drake Park, see the spectacular Newberry National Volcanic Monument, be amazed by Tumalo Falls, etc. Also, food and drink options are pretty stunning, too. Bakeries, breakfast spots, fine dining, and breweries are easy to find here. Just be sure to know your interests and wishes, and Bend will make them happen.


Portland is a place we shouldn’t exclude from our list of interesting weekend getaway ideas. It’s a place of culture, excitement, and friendly locals. There’s so much to do here, so be sure to plan your trip in detail, as time flies when you’re having fun.

In case you like the place a lot and decide to stay (not an uncommon occurrence) – this weekend getaway will be a perfect introduction to a new life chapter. Start planning your move on time and stop worrying – if you organize all the steps well and have someone reliable to deal with everything related to the relocation, things should go smoothly. Portland is a great place, and many people decide to stay even after a short visit.

Portland by night
Portland is a lively city many people choose for their next home.

Moving to Portland can be your starting point in exploring Oregon to the fullest. It’s a state that has so much to offer. While these weekend getaway ideas in Oregon are an excellent way to spend your free time, they will surely leave you craving more!

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