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8 Awesome Reasons to Visit the Tacoma Public Library

tacoma public library

If you are visiting Tacoma, Washington, you should make a point of visiting Tacoma Public Library.

The city’s library is an example of cultural stewardship. With hundreds of historical and artistic exhibits throughout its branches, you’ll be able to get acquainted with Tacoma quickly.

Keep reading if you’d like to learn more about why it’s such a good idea to visit the library!

1. Living History

The central branch of the Tacoma library system is a beautiful Carnegie library. These buildings were constructed in the early 1900s by the philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie.

There were 43 of these beautiful historical landmarks in the state of Washington. Of those 43, 32 still stand. Only 14 are still used for their original purpose though. Many were built between 1901 and 1916. The Tacoma branch was built in 1903.

This glimpse of history is a great introduction to Tacoma. Be sure to visit the Northwest Room so you can witness some of Tacoma’s history for yourself.

2. Activities for Kids

The Tacoma library has hundreds of things to do for families with children of all ages.

Throughout the week many of the branches will have read-alongs for toddlers and preschool aged children. There are pet rock craft and storytime hours, where kids can put their creative skills to use. Pet rocks are adorable little creatures that a child can then build a story around.

For older children, consider joining a Pokemon league. There are also several tabletop and Dungeons and Dragons teams to play with where kids can practice their role-playing skills.

Be sure to check out the summer reading clubs that happen throughout the season. The summer reading club will have programs for all ages-including adults.

All books count-including eBooks. Which makes it especially handy for families who may be ardent readers. Ask a Tacoma librarian for help when you want to sign up! It’ll be a great family event.

3. Cultural Activities

Libraries are a huge cultural resource. Tacoma’s library system is much the same. With activities like Korean calligraphy, a history walk through and community discussions on what Tacoma’s role may be in the greater world, there are many things to learn and do at the library.

4. So Many eBooks to Read

Electronic resources are fast becoming the norm for many libraries. eBooks are one of the ways you can check out books at any of the Tacoma branches. eBooks are convenient and can be read on most electronic readers.

If you are interested in trying out an eBook exchange, be sure to contact your librarian. They will make sure you are signed up with the right Tacoma branch account and that your eBook reader is capable of supporting the exchange program.

eBooks can be held for a number of days, depending on their publication date-much like physical copies.

Tacoma’s librarians will be able to suggest many types of books that will fascinate any number of reader. If you’re curious to try an eBook, be sure to ask for some suggestions! Tacoma is sure to find the right book for you.

5. Community Involvement

Libraries all over the world pride themselves on being stewards of their communities. Tacoma Library system is much the same. With hundreds of events that happen throughout the month, there are so many ways for the community to learn about their history and how to become more involved.

Tacoma Library offers free museum passes for five local museums in Tacoma. As long as you have a library card you’ll be able to visit the museums scattered throughout the city!

This is a great resource for families who have just arrived to the city. Or even for longtime residents who want to see a bit more of their home.

The main branch of the library even has an art gallery that features local artists. The Handforth Gallery can be visited by anyone. Check it out sometime and keep an eye out for new exhibitions or presentations done by local residents.

6. Convert Your Old Home Videos to DVD

With the rise of the digital age, some of our old analogue memories have become lost. But the library offers several services that can help you make sure your old childhood memories aren’t lost forever.

Converting VHS tapes to DVD is one of these services. The library offers appointments throughout the week at various times where members can bring their old tapes and can be taught how to convert them over to a more lasting media.

Be sure to contact the librarians at the Moore branch for more information. Soon you’ll be able to blackmail your younger siblings once more with the old videos they thought were hopefully lost forever!

7. Eight Branches to Visit

There are eight branches to visit. They are scattered throughout Tacoma. This is a convenient feature of the Tacoma Library. It guarantees any resident will be able to easily access the services the library has to offer.

Be sure to check the library’s addresses before planning a visit. You may find a branch closer to you.

8. Request a Visit

Before planning a visit, maybe consider an official tour. You will be walked through the process of becoming a member of the library system. You’ll also learn all about the services the library offers.

Our professional and knowledgeable staff will get you signed up for a library card and help you choose the first activities you want to take part in. Be sure to ask them about the museums you can visit for free when you get your card.

Tacoma Public Library Brings Light to Tacoma

Tacoma Public Library offers hundreds of services and activities you and your family are sure to enjoy.

When visiting make sure you discuss with the librarians just what you are looking for. They’ll help you find what you need and get you signed up for all of the activities you may want to take part in!

There’s so many things you can do with a library card. And Tacoma Public Library will make sure you use that card to the fullest of its abilities.

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