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Reasons to Visit Tacoma This Winter

people that decided to visit Tacoma standing on a viewing board

It’s the most beautiful time of year in the Pacific Northwest. Holiday festivities in Tacoma include a visit from Santa at the mall, a dazzling display of lights at the zoo, mulled cider, and sleigh rides.

The Olympic Mountains, Mount Rainier, and Puget Sound are visible here. It is not surprising that tourists and new residents are flocking to this area. The metro area’s population expanded by 10.2% between 2010 and 2016, making it the 12th fastest-growing big metro in the United States. Here are a few more good reasons to visit Tacoma this winter before the city becomes overrun with tourists.

Go for a walk in a stunning winter landscape

We are sure that if you plan a cross-country trip, Tacoma will be one of the places you will visit. Tacoma has one of the best parks and landscapes for the whole family. Tacoma and Pierce County’s extensive park systems showcase the region’s abundant flora and fauna in all seasons. Put on some warm clothes, get a coffee (see above), and head out to a nearby park to soak in the rare sight of snow. Get ready to build a snowman by bringing along a sled or other snow-related materials. Maybe you’ll even find yourself in the middle of a snowball war!

Crystal Mountain awaits

When you Visit Tacoma, a fresh blanket of powder awaits you at the state’s largest ski resort, which calls your name every time it snows in the valley. If you want to be among the first skiers up the mountain in the morning and the last to come down at night, staying at Crystal Mountain Hotel or Alta Crystal Resort is your best bet.

Snowshoe Rainier

It’s more straightforward than it first appears. If you want the National Park Service to take care of your family, you must bring them to the Jackson Visitor Center in Paradise. Throughout the winter, NPS rangers lead a two-mile snowshoe tour suitable for families with children (always check here for changes in the status, depending on weather or snowfall). To secure one of the tour’s twenty-five available slots, participants should show up early in acceptable attire. But if you plan to do activities like this, or maybe camping in the snow, be sure you prepare well first. Cold weather is no joke.

A picture of a rainier mountain that people who visit Tacoma love to explore
Everybody loves a good snow hike. Just be sure to prepare well before taking on m. Rainier.

Tacoma has an incredible cost of living

Current data suggests that a condo in Tacoma costs around $197,800 on average, whereas in Seattle, it costs around $436,600. Thus your money goes further in Tacoma. You can get into a beautiful condo in the Commencement Bay area for a price comparable to a regular Seattle rental.

Forbes calculates that Tacoma has a 5.2% higher cost of living than the United States when considering housing, transportation, entertainment, and food. Tacoma’s cost of living is comparable to that of San Bernardino, CA, which is also 5.2% above the national average and has a population of just over 215,000; however, houses in nearby San Bernardino are significantly more expensive than Tacoma, with the typical condo price there being around $230,000.

Tacoma has cold winters and less rain year-round

It’s no secret that Washington, and the Seattle area, particularly, have a reputation for rain, but Tacoma isn’t nearly as wet as the forecasts might have you believe. Highs in January average 48 degrees and soar to 77 degrees in the summer in Tacoma. The city receives less than 39 inches of rain annually.

Whereas drier locations like Chicago receive an average of 33.2 inches of precipitation annually, New York City receives an average of 46.23 inches of precipitation annually, which is more than Tacoma receives in a whole year. Chicago and New York both have January average highs in the mid-30s and July average highs in the mid-80s, making them just as rainy as Tacoma all year round.

There are also plenty of activities to do when you need to warm up and hide from the snow

If you come from Miami, you will need some time to get used to the weather, so here are some activities to warm you up. Among those you can’t miss, the Museum of Glass in the heart of Tacoma; it’s a stunning gallery dedicated to the craft of glassmaking. One of the most visited permanent displays at the museum is on Dale Chihuly. This show highlights the stunning glass sculptures created by a Tacoma resident. Also featured in the Gathering, the Light exhibition is worked by Seattle-based artist Cappy Thompson. In The Hot Shop, you may see glass blowing demos and even try your hand at them if the exhibits have to whet your appetite.

Meet at a coffee shop and relax

Two coffee mugs being filled at the same time for people who decided to visit Tacoma

Tacoma, during winter, is one of the best places for snow hiking. We are sure you will enjoy your fair share of that. But when you get cold and want some rest, there is nothing better than coffee. We have compiled a list of the best coffee shops in Tacoma and the surrounding areas of Puyallup, Lakewood, Sumner, and Fife. You may pretend the weather does not limit you by picking up some more awesome things available during the holiday, like gingerbread lattes or eggnog creamer, at most of these caffeine refill stations.

Tacoma’s Art Museum

When you Visit Tacoma, follow the advice of Pro Movers Miami, and leave your valuables in a storage unit. That way, you don’t have to worry about them as you visit the Tacoma Art Museum and the Museum of Glass’s exquisite glass creations. Works from Northwest artists are showcased in this museum. Approximately 40% of the collection, or 3,800 pieces, are considered Northwest art. Not only will you see these masterpieces but also those of other European Impressionists from the 19th century, like Pissarro, Degas, and Renoir. The museum houses a beautiful collection of Japanese woodblock prints, primarily from the 17th and 19th centuries.

Find the perfect beverage for you

Winter porters, stouts, and ales have mostly supplanted summer lagers and pilsners, so find a quiet taproom, pull up a bar stool, and enjoy the season. Do you have any suggestions for where I can get a great pint? We now possess them. You can ride the Tacoma Link Light Rail to get to any of the seven bars and breweries that are part of the event.

Tacoma is considered one of the best places to live in

Reasons for Tacoma’s high ranking on, which came in at number 42, include the city’s robust arts culture and accessibility via foot. One of the reasons Livability for Tacoma’s high ranking was the city’s strong job market and the ease with which residents may pursue higher education. These features, together with Tacoma’s gorgeous natural surroundings, affordable cost of living relative to the region and location, agreeable climate, and plenty of waterfront cafes, make it a fantastic place to call home. Who knows, after you Visit Tacoma, maybe you’ll like it so much that you decide that living in Tacoma is best for you.

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