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Doughnuts For Your Seahawks Party

Game Day Doughnuts

Seahawks fans should be pleased by their options at Legendary Doughnuts. There is the Sherman, which is a raised ring doughnut topped with vanilla frosting and sprinkles of gresen and blue. The Wilson is very similar, but instead of sprinkles; it has sparkly blue and green sugar crystals. On Blue Friday and Game Day these doughnuts are in the shape of a football. Both of these doughnuts are in the “famous” class, alongside the Homer Simpson, Tinkerbell and Sex In The City doughnuts.

One step above the “famous” class is the “legendary” class, where sits a vanilla cake doughnut donning a blanket of vanilla-frosting and two blue and green chunks of bubble gum. If you haven’t yet guessed, this is known as the Pete Carroll (Learn why Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll is known for chewing gum)

Chandeliers and a 12th Man flag hang proudly in Tacoma's 6th Ave. location.

Chandeliers and a 12th Man flag hang proudly in Tacoma’s 6th Ave. location.

Local Origins

Legendary Doughnuts opened in 2010 featuring their own cold press coffee and a bacon encrusted maple bar known as the Oprah (check out this recipe from They became a hit in the South Sound and have since opened a number of new locations, to the delight of many a work place (click here to order a dozen doughnuts).

Legendary Doughnuts features "Fido Nuts" and "Pup Cannoli" for their four legged customers.

Legendary Doughnuts features “Fido Nuts” and “Fido Cannoli” for their four legged customers.

Doggy Doughnuts

Your pooch will be happy to join you. The “Fido Nuts” and “Pup Cannoli” look delicious. Thankfully there are other options to avert temptation, like the “doughsant” class of doughnuts–a ring of croissant dough, featuring a variety of topping options. For those counting calories Legendary Doughnuts offer smaller variations on many of their doughnuts. There are doughnut cakes and towers for those who are not.

Go Hawks Doughnut

A nine inch ring doughnut celebrating the Seattle Seahawks.

Nearest Location

Legendary Doughnuts is making doughnuts at their original Lakeland Hills location near Lake Tapps. They are in Tacoma on 6th Ave., in Covington near L.A. Fitness (oh the irony), and have two new locations in Federal Way and Frederickson. 

Tools To Make Your Own Doughnuts At Home:

Doughnut Dispenser

Doughnut Cutter

Cuisinart Deep Fryer

Top Pot Doughnuts Recipe Book


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