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Foodie’s Guide to Idaho’s Culinary Scene

Many food hedonists would agree with the statement that you experience the place only after trying the local cuisine. Idaho will be a real treat for such food enthusiasts who love to explore up-and-coming star chefs. While everyone’s familiar with the fantastic Seattle dining experience, the Gem State culinary scene is way less known. Yet, it is home to many restaurants that could satisfy anyone’s taste. Whether you prefer steakhouses, Italian diners, wineries, or pizza and burgers, you will not go hungry in Idaho. Still, having some guidelines is an excellent place to start, especially if you’re new to the area. To help you taste the best culinary delights Northwest can offer, we’ve created a Foodie’s guide to Idaho’s culinary scene.

Bar Gernika, Boise

Not many people are aware of how big Basque culture is in Boise. An entire part of the city downtown that includes a museum, eateries, and market is called “the Basque Block.” Even though the Block has terrific dining options, Bar Gernika is the home to some of the best authentic dishes in Idaho. At first glance, the small eatery interior resembles a pub, not a restaurant, but that shouldn’t throw you off the tracks. If you ever visit this part of Boise, make sure to stop in Bar Gernika for lunch. Lamb Grinder and Solomon Sandwich with a marinated pork loin with pimientos will pleasantly surprise you. Moreover, if you love tasting local specialties, order a Beef Tongue in the tomato-garlic sauce.

A guide to Idaho’s culinary scene wouldn’t be complete without the mention of a “must try” dish in Bar Gernika – Croquetas

Elevation 486, Twin Falls

If you prefer dining with the most magnificent view in all of Oregon, Elevation 486 will provide the best experience. The place is a hidden gem, known mainly to the locals, who flock here to taste the ruby red trout dish, freshly caught from nearby Hagerman. Pan-broiled, boneless fillets are spiced with roasted red pepper butter, giving it a unique flavor. The side vegetables and wild rice pilaf balance out the specific taste, where every bite is mouth-watering.

Westside Drive-In, Boise

Unlike most drive-ins that serve fast food dishes, this gourmet kitchen has a diverse menu. On Fridays and Saturdays, you get to order the prime ribs that make any mouth water. However, finger steaks with a cocktail sauce and meatloaf sandwich are the most popular ordering choices, followed by the delicious specialty – Ice Cream Potato. At first glance, this particular dish may look like a simple loaded baked potato, but this sweet spud also has a glob of vanilla ice cream, with cocoa and whipped cream tuff. A puddle of warm chocolate sauce is often served with this tasty treat.

Victor Emporium, Victor

Victor is a small town in Teton Valley with excellent access to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks and three National Forests. The place is thriving with wildlife and breathtaking nature. Thus, no wonder it attracts many outdoor enthusiasts. Victor hides the best huckleberry milkshake money can buy if your family vacation brings you nearby.

Beverly’s, Coeur d’Alene

This top-notch restaurant on the seventh floor of the Lake Tower, along with award-winning cuisine, provides a magnificent view of Lake Coeur d’Alene. It is a perfect option for a romantic evening, where you can start a night with a few drinks at the Lakeview Lounge and culminate it with a delicious meal at Beverly’s. The restaurant provides seasonal Northwest cuisine, like filet mignons with morel mushroom peppercorn sauce, white cheddar bisque with cheese toast toppings, fresh crab garnish, and potato-crusted Alaskan halibut.

Huckleberry Milkshake from Victor’s Emporium
Huckleberry is a state fruit of Idaho, and if you haven’t had the chance to try this small purple berry, creamy milkshake with whole berries is the best way to do it.

Boise’s unique vegetarian delights

The whole of Idaho, and particularly Boise, is a hub of magnificent places to eat. Still, there are options for those who are into plant-based meals. If you’re looking for less protein dining options, make sure to visit Lemon Tree Co., where you can enjoy unconventional artichoke cheesesteak, a massaman curry banh mi with mushrooms and yams. In addition, you can try some other East African cuisine at Kibrom’s Ethiopian&Eritrean. The restaurant’s veggie plate with injera would appeal to anyone’s taste, even hard-core meat lovers.

Vegetarian sandwich and a juice
Even though Boise is famous for its meat dishes, no one can dispute the magnificent tastes vegetarian alternatives provide

Idaho’s wine tasting havens

Nothing rounds better a nice meal than a glass of wine. If you happen to visit Idaho, Snake River Valley should be one of your stops. Some of the most popular tasting rooms are to be found in downtown Boise, Coiled Wines, and Telaya Wine Co.

Moving to Idaho

Following Idaho’s culinary scene guide could easily succumb to the old German saying – “love goes through the stomach.” And once you taste the unique flavor of the Northwest, you might never want to leave, like many before you. Its rising cities like Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Idaho Falls, and many others are thriving with a robust economy, friendly community, and lower cost of living than a national average. Therefore, if you’re considering making some of Idaho cities your home, browsing Best Cross Country Movers can help you explore the best moving options.

A word of advise

When you’ve traveled long enough and tasted many dishes, in time, you stop being surprised by the choices ordinary cuisine has. In such cases, exploring the less known culinary scenes can be a blessing. Such places are often less crowded, and their delights are known only to locals. Thus, there is no better feeling than a taste of refreshing cuisine treats places like Idaho provide. However, the guide to Idaho’s culinary scene only begins with these top-notch specialties and restaurants. If you want to get the real feel of the place, conduct your research. Be brave in menu selections, and remember, not everything is as it seems. Just because the restaurant doesn’t look like a typical one, or there are no food critics reviews on the web, it doesn’t mean the place is not worth a try.

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